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Great PC Games for Under $20

Great PC Games for Under $20

It used to be that $20 was a lot of money. Back then you could buy a suit, take a ride on a plane, buy a house and still have money left over.

It used to be that $20 was a lot of money. Back then you could buy a suit, take a ride on a plane, buy a house and still have enough left over for a Ferrari!

Ok, well perhaps not, but we can all agree that as time progresses, we get less and less bang for our buck. That is why we have put together a list of some of the best PC games you can buy right now for $20 or less.

Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition

Price: $19.99

When Fallout: New Vegas was released, it had a brilliant story, but was crippled with bugs. Fortunately over time, Bethesda patched the game to turn it into what is arguably the best Fallout game of the last 15 years.

You wake up in a hospital bed with amnesia after someone tried to kill you. Your quest to find out who you are and who wanted you dead leads you through Nevada, meeting a vast selection of characters along the way. You can make alliances with any of the three main factions, including Caesar's Legion. That’s not a joke.

The Ultimate Edition contains the original game and all six expansions, delivering well over a hundred hours of post apocalyptic adventuring all for under 20 bottlecaps… uh, dollars.

Katana ZERO

Price: $14.99

Samurai are cool.

Katana ZERO really harkens back to the 16-bit era of hack ‘n’ slash side scrollers. It’s bloody and beautiful, with a story that might just make sense by the time you get to the final boss. You’ll also get innovative ways to off your enemies and some time control thrown in for good measure. The game is a tad on the unforgiving side, with one hit kills being the order of the day, but that’s where the time control comes in, allowing you to rewind and replay to avoid death.

Did we mention that samurai are cool?

Metro 2033 Redux

Price: $19.99

The original Metro 2033 was an undeniable cult classic presenting the horrors of a post nuclear Moscow where everyone lives underground in the metro tunnels, only venturing above ground when absolutely necessary. Now is one of those times as you venture forth to warn others of an impending threat while having to survive mutant horrors, rival gangs, and the constant specter of radiation poisoning. It’s part shooter, part horror game, and a must have for any gamer’s library.

My Friend Pedro

Price: $19.99

If the first two games on this list were a little too story driven and cerebral for your tastes, then My Friend Pedro might just be the gloriously action driven alternative you seek. You are friends with a sentient banana named Pedro. Pedro wants you to obliterate almost anything that moves. You oblige and begin a journey filled with fluid ballet-like gun battles, puzzle solving, chases and of course, bananas.

Night Call

Price: $19.99

This noire investigative mystery game centers around modern day Paris.You take the role of a cab driver who managed to get away from the serial killer terrorizing the city. You have 7 nights to help the police catch the killer or you will take the rap.

As the driver, you must pick up fares to earn money to pay your bills and keep your cab on the road while finding clues by listening to the stories customers share. As time ticks down, the sense of dread and desperation increases, making for a gripping game with high replayability.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Price: $19.99

From the creator of the critically acclaimed Papers, Please, Return of the Obra Dinn is a stylish and inventive mystery game told from the first person perspective. Set in 1802, you take the role of an insurance investigator tasked with discovering what happened to the Obra Dinn, a ship presumed lost at sea when it suddenly drifts into port six months later with the crew missing.

What Remains of Edith Finch


What Remains of Edith Finch is an incredibly innovative and unique game. In the role of Edith, the last remaining member of the Finch family, you explore the vast ancestral home and relive the experiences of family members on the last days of their lives. This is one of those titles that is almost impossible to categorize but if you are a fan of beautifully told stories, this is well worth the $20.

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*Prices reflect at the time of writing this article.

July 31st, 2019 ago