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Did you know the Shadow Referral Program can get you Shadow for free? 🎮

Shadow referral program

Here at Shadow, we are building the future of gaming. Our mission is to get a high-powered gaming PC on any device, capable of competing--and beating--elite PC setups costing upwards of $2000 or more. We believe, games are meant to be played at their highest settings. And, system requirements shouldn't be the deciding factor on purchasing a game.

Money shouldn't be the a deciding factor for playing games at their best settings, either. That's why we created the Shadow referral program.

For every friend you refer, you get $10 off your next bill and your friend will get $10 off, as well. With the referral program, you only need to recommend 4 friends a month to get your monthly subscription, free.

The video above will show you exactly how to access your referral code and get started sharing the cloud-gaming revolution with friends & family. We've also included the transcript from the video below if you prefer reading instead of watching.

Shadow Referral Program - Video Transcript

Step one: Get your referral code

Just log in to to access your dashboard and click on the refer a friend section. You'll find your code, right here.

Step two: Share your code with the world

You can send it right here (you can send your code in the account page) by entering an email address, and it will automatically create an email for you.

Or, click on the social media icon to generate your very own link to subscribe to shadow. Or, you can copy it right here and share it anywhere you like. And once you did that...

Step Three: Save Money

Here's how it works: every time a friend subscribes to shadow and enters your code on the shop page, that friend gets 10$ off his or her first month. And you, get 10$ off your next invoice.

And the best part is

There's no limit. Anybody can use your code to subscribe to Shadow.

Which means, every time you get four new referred friends, you get one month free. It's as simple as that.