Shadow PC,
the ideal solution for architects

Shadow's cloud PCs are the most flexible way to work
on your software apps (like Revit) anywhere, with any device.

With Shadow PC, meet all your needs
starting at just 34.99€/month

Stay efficient and productive everywhere

Amid the rise of remote work, investing in costly additional hardware or risking the loss or theft of your device is no longer necessary: Shadow PC provides secure, cloud-based, powerful remote PCs accessible from any device, enabling efficient work anywhere without the risk of data loss.

Use Revit on your Mac,
or any other Windows Softwares

With Shadow PC, there's no need for an extra Windows PC to use Revit on your Mac. Simply install our Mac OS application to access your Shadow PC and any Windows software.

Boost Rendering Speeds
and Stay Active Simultaneously

Eliminate downtime during rendering with Shadow PC. Work seamlessly on your local device while Shadow operates in the background, providing faster results with its powerful configurations.

A safe and simple solution
for your client demos

With Shadow PC, forget setup issues during client demonstrations and reliance on powerful hardware. You can seamlessly share your work from any device with a standard connection.

Savings and Flexibility
for Your Computer Equipment

Buying and managing powerful setups (2000€ and more) for your teams is expensive and time-consuming, with several weeks delivery times.

Get a powerful cloud PC in 20 minutes

Use all your software

Pay monthly, only for the time you need

Discover our customers stories

Shadow flexibility enables easy and cost-effective expansion, supporting rapid growth from 0 to 15 employees by spreading PC costs.

Laurent Mudry

Partner at Mon Concept Habitation

Shadow offers a pragmatic solution: quick acquisition of powerful machines, compared to weeks or months with traditional expensive hardware.

Dicky Lewis

Architect and Director at White Red

I found Shadow when seeking remote access alternatives for our graphic-intensive software. It uniquely enables remote work even on iPads.

Yan Roche

Lead Architect at PCA Stream

Examples of Softwares running on Shadow