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CNN Reviews Shadow: Here's What they Think

See what CNN thinks about Shadow

Recently, CNN conducted a review of shadow and they liked what they saw. CNN explained in detail what Shadow is, then, wrote about the performance of Shadow--what everyone really cares about. Can a cloud-based high-powered gaming PC really take over the PC market?

'Latency is a common problem with online gaming; it's the dropping of frame rates and buffering, which can lead to a negative experience. On Shadow, since you're streaming the virtual machine from long distances, I was a bit worried about latency. But most of the time the experience was smooth as butter, even with an online multiplayer game like "Fortnite." '

The value of Shadow

CNN believes the price of Shadow offers a massive amount of value, as opposed to the cost of building, maintaining and upgrading a gaming PC capable of playing resource intensive games like the new, Apex Legends.

'If you've been struggling to game or run performance tasks on your computer, Shadow is definitely worth looking into.'

To read the full article from CNN, visit this link.