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From April 4th to 11th, Shadow’s referral program is boosted

Share your Shadow and receive $5 off next month

This week, Shadow celebrates friendship by boosting its referral offer. From April 4th to 11th, every Shadow user sponsoring someone will receive $10 off their first month's subscription, instead of the usual $5. And since giving is good, but receiving is even better, every sponsoring user will receive $5 off their subscription for the upcoming month, instead of the usual $1, and then $1 per month as long as your referral's subscription is active.

If you're not familiar with our referral system, here is how it works: our Shadow referral program functions through a code system. To find your alphanumeric Shadow referral code, simply go to your user area and click on the referrals tab. Once you've done that, simply pass it on to your non-subscribing friend so they can use it when they subscribe!

When a code is used, the sponsored user benefits from an immediate discount on his first month. On the other hand, the referral receives a continuous credit on his next Shadow invoice once the activation of the account of the referred user has been completed. And you can refer to as many people as you want!

This referral program is always available with Shadow, but only from April 4 to April 11 the earnings are boosted!

If you want to benefit from this special offer, check it out here!