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The Shadow newsletter is finally back.

The Shadow newsletter will get you all the news about Shadow like tech updates, events, the company life and information about the future of Shadow and what we have planned for you.

The newsletter is sent bi-weekly on Tuesdays, and we'll send other emails valuable to you as needed, like when we preform maintenance on a server.

Shadow Newsletter Topics

  • News about Shadow
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  • New games on sale
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  • Our roadmap and new features
  • And much, much more.

Below is the latest newsletter we published, so you can get a taste. Before you go on, sign up for the Newsletter so we can keep you updated on the future of Shadow and cloud gaming.

Say Welcome to Shadow News!

TL:DR: Shadow News is here, our new blog continues to grow, we developed our first Alpha for the Apple TV app, the unified client is in beta, and we launch the crazy setups contest! 🎁

You will get all the news you crave like, tech updates, events, community, and the future of Shadow. We are moving fast. Follow us on our journey to the future of gaming.

Blog is love, blog is life

Do you want to get fun information, meet the employees, have tech updates and see the results of our contests? Then the blog is the perfect place for that! We are also launching the Crazy Setups contest! Every gamer is proud of his setup, Shadow gives you the opportunity to share it with us, and be able to win gifts to improve your setup (monitor, keyboard, mouse...). How can you be part of it? 1) Check our blog for the release of the craziest setups coming soon. 2) Click on the "Shadow content creator kit" button at the top of this page to get your assets. 3) Create your own setup and publish it on our Facebook and Twitter using the #CRAZYSETUPS The best setups will be picked up by our team for our next Blog article and will win gifts!

Shadow Apple TV App

After a lot of feedback from the community, we have developed our Apple TV app! Currently, it is in a closed alpha, which is the very first phase of testing. If you want to be one of the first to try it and give us feedback, please fill out the form below. We’ll send you an invite via Apple’s TestFlight app, allows testers to install pre-released apps.  


The new unified client

The unified client is now available in BETA on Windows, Mac and Linux.

But, what is the unified client?

It's a brand new Shadow application, redesigned and based on the same code base. This will allow you to have a more stable Shadow, with a similar experience and features on all platforms.

With such a huge change, a few hiccups are to be expected and we are counting on you to give us your feedback on the relevant channels. This will allow us to fine-tune the new unified client to create the best possible Shadow experience.

If you have any problems with this new beta version, don't hesitate to go back to the stable version. 

Here are the notable changes:
New shortcuts WIN + ALT on Windows or Option + Command on macOS
  • + F: fullscreen mode
  • + M: change the mouse mode
  • + Q: quit the app
  • We also have an Easter egg ;)
Better notification system
  • Notification when changing the mouse mode
  • Notification when going fullscreen
  • Notification when your Shadow is quitting
Updated Mouse modes
  • By default your mouse will be set in Gamer Mode when going fullscreen
  • When switching to a windowed view, your mouse will be set in Relative Mode
  • We no longer have the "auto mode"
  • Fix gamepad RB/LB and d-pad
  • (macOS) vibration for gamepad

(Windows) fix a crash when session has accents and/or emojis

The $60 Steam card contest from the last Newsletter

Last week we sent you a form with a chance to win a $60 Steam card. The winner has been picked up by our intern today! Congratulations to Victor S., we will contact you ASAP! We also want to thank all the participants. Your answers will help us to improve Shadow with your favorite games.  More contests  are coming in the upcoming Newsletters, stay tuned!

Bonus: TechTips #2

Our support team is awesome, and we love them. They can trouble-shoot the issues you may face when using Shadow. But there is another way to get help.  Our community is composed of tech savvy people that can be experts on Shadow. If you have any questions, they are on our Discord. We also want to thank them here for all their help, and if you join our Discord, you might be one of them. ;)

Stay tuned for more information in our upcoming newsletters, including the announcement of the entirely new user experience.