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5 PC Reboots We Want To Play

5 PC Reboots We Want To Play

These five games desperately need a sequuel, or a remake.

Just like movies and TV shows, there are plenty of classic gaming franchises that are begging for a reboot. Here are some of the games we’d most like to see get a revamp for new generations of gamers to enjoy.


Original Release: 2007

Publisher: 2K Games

Developer: Irrational Games

BioShock is one of the best video games of all time. A triumph of incredible storytelling set in a beautifully imagined underwater world with gameplay that seamlessly melds shooter, stealth and RPG mechanics to deliver an incredible experience.

BioShock takes place in the underwater city of Rapture, a society created to be a utopia but one that has been torn apart by greed. Players can harness injectable Plasmids to give them superpowers and combine those with more traditional weaponry to fight off enemies of various types, including the incredibly intimidating Big Daddy.

Why does Bioshock need a reboot?

The world of BioShock is ripe with potential for new storylines and character explorations, especially as a prequel where we could see Rapture in all its glory. We’d also love to see an offshoot that lives up to the original as BioShock 2 is generally considered the weakest of the bunch and BioShock Infinite didn’t quite manage to deliver on the atmosphere and combat of the original.

The series did get a graphical overhaul a few years ago with the release BioShock Remastered, but all that did was give us a craving for more new content from Ken Levine and the Irrational Games team.

Reboot Chance: Strong

2K own the rights and are known for continuing popular franchises. A reboot or continuation of the series is highly likely, but it will be in the hands of a different developer since Irrational Games folded in 2014. But who knows, maybe 2K can tempt creator Ken Levine to once more venture into a universe of Plasmids, Big Daddies and Little Sisters, then we could all be in for a gloriously entertaining and scary experience.


Original Release: 1999

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Developer: Verant Interactive / 989 Studios

EverQuest was the undisputed heavyweight MMO of the early 2000s. It predated World of Warcraft by five years, as well as the widespread availability of broadband internet. In the days of dial-up internet access, this was the game that irked spouses/parents/roommates by tying up the household landlines while you explored the vast and stunning -- at least by 1999 standards -- regions of Norrath.

Why does Everquest need a reboot?

EverQuest was tough but fun. You had to eat and drink regularly, so longer treks required some planning. If you died you respawned in just your undies and had to get back to your corpse to recover everything. There was none of this floating like a spirit malarkey till you find your body! These touches made the game feel more real and more rewarding than most other MMOs of the time, leading to a huge sense of satisfaction when completing a quest.

Lots of MMOs had their lunch eaten and wedgies applied by the 800lb gorilla that is World of Warcraft. Few, however, have kept going. EverQuest has seen 25 expansion packs over the years, with the latest arriving as recently as December 2018, and while the fanbase has obviously shrunk over the years, the potential for introducing Norrath to a whole new audience is huge.

Reboot Chances: Medium

EverQuest is now owned by Daybreak Game Company, which is still producing expansions and supporting the game to this day. It would take an awful lot of cash to fully reboot EverQuest, but stranger things have happened in the world of games.


Original Release: 1998

Publisher: Sierra Studios

Developer: Valve

Do you really need to ask this question? Really? Ok, if you really don’t know... *deep breath*

Gordon Freeman, Black Mesa Research Facility, aliens, government conspiracies, dimensional tears, huge-tentacled monsters, headcrabs, The G-Man, crowbars, super-cool weapons, challenging puzzles, amazing graphics, over 9 million copies sold...

Why does Half-Life need a reboot?

Half-Life needs a reboot not only because it is an outstanding series, but because gamers never got closure. Valve followed up the original with the even more amazing Half-Life 2 and its expansions, Episode One and Episode Two... and then nothing. Nada. Zip! Valve has left us hanging for 12 years and counting for more Half-Life, and now we’re just waiting for the right team to do it. After all, the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

Reboot Chance: Low

Dear Uncle GabeN,

Please give us closure. Please can we have a new Half-Life? We promise to be good.


-- The millions of people who need more Gordon Freeman in our lives

Simpsons Hit and Run

Original Release: 2003

Publisher: Vivendi Games

Developer: Radical Entertainment

Once upon a time, The Simpsons was one of the best shows on TV. It was funny, sharp and hugely popular, and had already spawned a few games in the previous decade that ranged from average to ay caramba in quality.

That changed in 2003 with the release of Simpsons Hit and Run, a title that combined the talent from the show with Grand Theft Auto-esque gameplay to produce a hugely entertaining and extremely funny experience that is widely acknowledged to be the best Simpsons game ever.

Why does Simpsons Hit and Run need a reboot?

Games and comedy have always been a genuinely tricky mix to pull off. Either the writing isn’t up to par or the gameplay is too atrocious to allow you to enjoy the humor. In addition, it was very rare at that time to have a genuinely good licensed game.

Hit and Run had none of those issues because it felt like a playable episode of the show. The writing was top notch, the voice talent was impeccable and racing ‘round Springfield completing quests and unlocking new vehicles, characters and achievements was so much fun.

Reboot Chance: Low

A reboot of Simpsons Hit and Run might just be wishful thinking given that The Simpsons is now owned by Disney, but a remaster would at least be very much appreciated.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Release Year: 2003

Publisher: LucasArts

Developer: BioWare

Set 4,000 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire and The Phantom Menace, KOTOR was the first Star Wars RPG that gave you the freedom to really build your own character in a galaxy far, far away. BioWare was truly at the top of their game when they delivered a plethora of interesting, deep characters, the chance to be as good or bad as you wanted to be, some excellent turn-based combat mechanics and gripping story with not a senate debate in sight.

With all the options and different story tangents, KOTOR delivered a gripping gameplay experience with a high replayability factor.

Why does Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic need a reboot?

KOTOR and its sequel are the best Star Wars prequels. In fact, KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords might actually have the better storyline, but it was crippled by bugs and an engine that seemed to get away from developer Obsidian Entertainment.

BioWare returned to the Old Republic timeline with an MMO of the same name, but many fans really want to get back to a single-player Star Wars RPG with a true continuation of the story laid out in the originals.

Reboot Chance: Medium

Electronic Arts holds the rights to the Star Wars games universe, it owns BioWare and it is still making money off of The Old Republic MMO, so this should be a no brainer right?

Unfortunately, much of the team that made the original KOTOR has long since departed BioWare and its last two releases seem to be lacking the magic of previous titles. Throw into that EA’s apparent reluctance to delve back into more RPG-driven Star Wars titles and all we can do is hope that things change.

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