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Your cloud storage, your files, your rules at £4.99

Keep your files private and safe thanks to Shadow Drive, our European-made and hosted cloud storage solution.
Now the lowest priced privacy-centric drive on the market.

Store Up to 2TB


Experience unbeatable prices starting at just £4.99 for 2TB, making it the ultimate choice for securing your digital world without compromising your budget.



Secure your digital treasures with Shadow Drive's 2TB storage. Elevate your data hoarding to new heights.



Keep your data secure and confidential, import files from other services and synchronize them across all your devices thanks to our European-made and hosted cloud storage solution.

Put your photos in safety in just a snap

Shadow Drive mobile app features auto-upload of photos and videos with custom file naming and folder sorting, WiFi-only upload and HEIC support.

The French brand has continued to evolve its product and is constantly making improvements."

L'Éclaireur Fnac

The web interface is fairly clear, not too intrusive, and features practical options like the ability to migrate your drive to another storage platform."


Alongside Google Docs and pCloud, Shadow Drive is also emerging as one of the best options in terms of free cloud storage in 2023."