Parsec & Shadow PC: what are the differences between their cloud gaming features?

Parsec is famous for its seamless screen streaming technology, which allows it to display a connected computer screen on any other screen or device. While popular among game developers for showcasing and working on their games, can Parsec be used as a cloud gaming solution for everyday use like Shadow PC? Here's what you need to know.

Parsec for cloud gaming: a self-hosting limited solution

Since the closure of the Parsec Cloud Gaming Marketplace —a service that allowed players to rent a cloud gaming machine hosted by Amazon Web Services and access it with Parsec's low latency technology— Parsec is now limited to use on personal hardware. This means you first and foremost need a gaming computer with extremely powerful hardware turned on and connected to the internet before accessing it with Parsec from the device you want to use to play remotely and then run the games on it. These restraints make Parsec a very different cloud gaming solution from the one offered by Shadow PC, where the gaming computers you access and play from are completely hosted on our servers. Parsec has a very interesting specific feature, though: the possibility to invite someone to remotely play with you for free. You just need to launch a local multiplayer game on your computer, whether it's a versus game like Towerfall or Tekken 8, or a co-op game like Cuphead or Overcooked, send an invitation to your friend using Parsec, and let them connect to your computer and play with you as if they were in the room with you.

Shadow PC: your always on cloud gaming service

With Shadow PC, your gaming computer in the cloud is available 24/7 from our servers on any device. There's no need to remember to leave your computer on when you leave home if you want to play a game on it from your phone or tablet... In fact, there's no need to own or buy a gaming computer at all. Shadow PC allows you to access and play on a high-powered PC in the cloud anytime, anywhere. It provides a personal Windows session where you can install and use all the games and software you already own, from any platform or store (Steam, Epic Games, GOG, Game Pass, etc.). Simply connect a controller to any device, log into your Shadow PC in the cloud, and play all your favorite games free from technical restraints.

Shadow PC, much more than just gaming

With Shadow PC, use your machine for much more than just gaming. Want to play cooperatively? Install Discord and join your friends in-game. Want to edit your family photos or do rendering? Just download and install the software of your choice.

Why choose Shadow PC?


With Shadow PC, you can connect your USB peripherals to your cloud PC from your local PC. So, you can directly use all your game controllers (gamepad, steering wheel, and joystick) in your games.


Access a library of games only available in the cloud on Shadow PC. Discover innovative titles and unique experiences without the hardware constraints of your local PC. Experience exceptional adventures, optimized for cloud gaming with Shadow PC.


Shadow PC gives you the flexibility to add external files to your games. Whether it's mods, texture packs, or saves, enjoy the ease of installation directly on your Shadow PC.


Enter a new dimension with Shadow PC and VR. Connect your headset to your Shadow PC and dive into immersive worlds without worrying about your local hardware's power. VR finally becomes accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Transform your living room into a real gaming room. Use your smartphone as a controller with companion mode to play on your TV. A comfortable and friendly gaming experience on the big screen, directly from your couch.


You can easily drag and drop files from your local PC to your Shadow PC. You can also right-click on your Shadow PC to transfer files locally and retrieve your saves or projects.


Whether on an iPad, iPhone, or even an Android tablet, Shadow PC allows you to enjoy the quality and power of a gaming PC in the cloud, thus accessible everywhere, on all your compatible devices. All you need is a good internet connection, launch the Shadow PC app, and you're set.

Connect anywhere with any device

You can enjoy the best streaming performances thanks to Shadow PC's apps, available on all platforms. Enjoy NOW Shadow PC in your browser!





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