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Dive into the exciting VR races of Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem from anywhere with Shadow and your Oculus Quest!

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Experience the crazy races full of loops, stretches, and wild jumps of Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem from anywhere with the Shadow VR app and the Shadow PC offer. Blaze through the circuits and challenges of the campaign mode on the go, using the power of our service to play with in VR at any time, even without a strong computer by your side.

Shadow PC is a powerful cloud-based PC that gives you access to a full Windows gaming machine. Just install Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem and play. As Shadow is a full PC, you are not limited to games, and you can use Discord, OBS, Teamspeak, and any program that will help you level up. Also, with Shadow PC, you can play in a single browser tab from anywhere, without installing any Shadow client.

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Satisfy the stunts addicted kid inside you from anywhere

With Shadow PC and Shadow VR, experience the thrilling stunts and spectacular crashes of Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem from any computer or device. You just need to take your Oculus Quest with you, no need to carry a powerful gaming machine. Let your family and friends get blasted by this immersive toy racing experience at any moment and enjoy all the spectacular tracks of the game… Or even build your own ones! With the power of Shadow PC, no need to restrain your creativity in fear of performance issues!

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Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem: a toy racing VR experience

Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem is an immersive VR experience in the thrilling universe of world famous toy cars Micro Machines. The game features a full campaign with various challenges to race into, testing your driving skills and creativity to complete the different objectives and unlock a ton of vehicles, skins and car parts. Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem features a track editor and offers deep personalization options for the toy cars you can drive. Whether you want to play a light, super fast vehicle than can take off with ease or a massive destructive truck, you just need to assemble the desired parts and you can drive the toy car of your dreams!




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