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How to play Monster Hunter World on iOS or Android?

With Monster Hunter World on Shadow PC, enjoy the best performance to join thrilling hunts with your friends at any time, from any device, including iPhone and Android smartphones or Mac !

Hunt all the monsters with consistent performance, any time, anywhere

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With the Shadow PC Power offer, enjoy Monster Hunter World with unparalleled performance and stunning visuals. Turn on the highest graphical settings and immerse yourself in the vast ecosystems full of monsters and impressive bosses with a smooth framerate. Customize your hunter and get ready for epic battles with your teammates, regardless of the computer, be it PC or Mac, that you are playing from!

Shadow PC is a powerful cloud-based PC that gives you access to a full Windows gaming machine. Just install Monster Hunter World and play. As Shadow is a full PC, you are not limited to games, and you can use Discord, OBS, Teamspeak, and any program that will help you level up. Also, with Shadow PC, you can play in a single browser tab from anywhere, without installing any Shadow PC app.

Enjoy the best Monster Hunter World experience

Experience exhilarating hunts of Monster Hunter World like you never did before with Shadow PC. Enjoy gorgeous graphics and constant performance to never let yourself be overwhelmed by the gigantic bosses that awaits you in this vast, majestic open-world. It does not matter which screen you’re playing on with Shadow PC, always keep all your mods and parameters set up and connect directly to your teammates on Discord for perfect synchronization in the fights!

Play Monster Hunter World with great performance on all your devices

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Enjoy Monster Hunter World experience on Mac computers

Monster Hunter World : a thrilling hunter’s dream

Monster Hunter World is a critically acclaimed cooperative action-RPG that transports players into a rich, wild open-world where they take on the role of hunters seeking to track and defeat ferocious beasts and bosses. Dense jungles, desolated deserts, underground caves… The game offers a wide variety of biomes, all with their unique monster species. Monster Hunter emphasizes on strategic combat, brute force being rarely rewarding compared to the analysis and understanding of each monster’s behaviors and weaknesses. Players can craft weapons and armors out of the materials collected on the dead beasts to enhance their strength, encouraging them to stay engaged and continuously target more powerful monsters. Get ready for dozens of hours hunting in the wild!


Action-RPG, Multiplayer





Available on:

PC, Mac & Android & iOS (via Shadow PC)

Connect anywhere

You can enjoy the best streaming performance thanks to Shadow PC's apps, available on all platforms. and NOW enjoy Shadow PC from your browser!


Raspberry Pi OS

Smartphones and tablets


Smart TVs & boxes

Android TV


Oculus Quest

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