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Why does Shadow occasionally have activation delays?

The reason behind occasional Shadow activation delays

Recently, We've noticed a lot of questions and comments regarding activation.

We decided from the beginning of Shadow, in order to deliver outstanding performance for gamers, we needed to have our own cloud infrastructure. We do not rely on the usual cloud providers to deliver our service to you. If we did, your experience would be terrible; with poor gaming performance, lag and dramatic latency .

Shadow builds its own infrastructure

We knew building our own cloud infrastructure would be a monumental challenge. A challenge that, no one had yet solved. However, to give you the best possible gaming experience, building our own cloud infrastructure was necessary.

Since we own our infrastructure, we're constantly thinking about how many Shadows we'll need to provide six months, to two years into the future. And, farther.

Cloud Gaming is just beginning

Being in a new industry--cloud gaming--and as a young company, we don't have an overabundance of data to make the accurate decisions for building larger capacity for Shadow, thus reducing activation times when we receive massive subscription spikes and growth. However, we've already learned so much and we're constantly improving with the data, and the insight from our loyal customers, we do have.

Why do activation times occur?

As demand increases for Shadow, our activation times see an increase, due to the long-lead components we need to order from vendors to build our cloud infrastructure to deliver the best gaming experience.

Our cloud infrastructure teams are trekking across the US and Europe night and day, installing new hardware, negotiating with providers to get shipments quicker, and hustling to turn on as many Shadows as possible during slight windows of delay.

This video from Linus Tech Tips is a accurate portrayal of how your Shadow works.

Thank you for joining us on this crazy adventure as we build the future of gaming, together. If you ever have questions about your Shadow, visit our comprehensive knowledge base, or contact our support heroes.

The Shadow Team