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XDefiant is an intense, competitive free-to-play fast-paced FPS where reflexes and reactivity matter the most for survival and dominating the opponent team. With Shadow PC, enter the arena supported by the most flexible yet powerful setup, enabling you to participate in the competition anywhere, anytime. Whether you play at home on a computer or a TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet, enjoy the same intense multiplayer experience with consistent framerates and technical performance.

Shadow PC is a powerful cloud-based PC that gives you access to a full Windows gaming machine. Just install XDefiant and play. As Shadow PC is a complete computer, you are not limited to games, and you can use Discord, OBS, Teamspeak, and any program that will help you level up. Also, with Shadow PC, you can play in a single browser tab from anywhere, without installing any Shadow PC app.

Dominate your opponents with Shadow PC

With Shadow PC, immerse yourself in the XDefiant competition, free from technical limitations, and focus on showcasing your best skills on the battlefield. Join your friends on Discord, activate your microphones, and dive into battle to lead your team to victory anytime, anywhere, using any device you own. Seize every opportunity to defeat your opponents, thanks to the consistent framerate provided by your responsive gaming setup in the cloud.

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Resolution up to 4K on all your existing hardware

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XDefiant: the next generation free-to-play fast FPS

XDefiant is a free-to-play fast-paced multiplayer shooter where players engage in six-player team battles on small, dense maps to fight for victory. The game provides an extensive arsenal of weapons that players can enhance and customize as they gain experience. Players can select different faction-based soldiers (classes) with unique passive and active skills, all inspired by various Ubisoft games and universes: become a freedom fighter from Far Cry 6, a stealthy cyber attacker from Watch Dogs, a fiery pyrotechnician from The Division, or a super spy from Splinter Cell… XDefiant features a variety of multiplayer modes, including classic team deathmatch, escort, and checkpoint control, all available in both casual and ranked competitive modes. The game receives regular updates with new maps and factions, following a seasonal system that includes cosmetics and rewards unlockable through a Battle Pass.




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