GPU instances for AI and rendering, at better prices

Shadow Spot Computing is the all-in-one, cost-efficient solution for all your interruptible VM needs. Perfect for generative AI, 3D & video rendering, machine learning, or complex physics simulations.

Start Now from $0.185/hr*

Our offers are easy to use, and even easier to understand. Get started in minutes, complete your tasks, and enjoy receiving a one-liner billing, without unplanned IOPS or bandwidth costs. Using Shadow Spot Computing, what you see is what you pay.

Fully customizable instances, from P5000 to RTX A4500 GPUs.

Great availability. Work with one to thousands of ready-to-use VMs.

All Linux distributions + Windows instances support

Greener Power. Our Water Usage Effectiveness is only 0.26L/Kwh compared to 1.8L/Kwh for most providers

*Pricing example for NVIDIA P5000 16GB, Xeon 2678V3 8 threads @ 3.1Ghz, 12GB RAM, 1Gbps/100Mbps.
**Shadow is proudly hosted by OVHcloud on its water-cooled, efficiently designed servers. Discover more information about WUE here.

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Shadow is the easiest way to access a full PC, instantly, on all the devices you own.
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