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Exploring Shadow through 5G - what we learned at the latest ISP exclusive event

We explored the capabilities of 5G at an exclusive event for Orange, France's #1 ISP. We dipped our toes into the incredible potential of 5G technology not only for Gamers.

The Event "Hello Show 5G", which took place between 22 - 23 April at the Palace of Fine Arts in Lille, France, was organised by the giggest French ISP "Orange" to show how 5G will transform the digital sphere. We were invited to demonstrate how the next step in mobile Internet technology will impact Gaming in general and your cloud gaming experience in special, and we’re happy to say that we were far from disappointed.

The results were amazing (if we do say so ourselves)

With a good Internet connection, Shadow already runs like a dream…so you can imagine how phenomenally it ran with 5G. To put it into perspective, 5G is ten times faster and more stable than 4G, making it leaps and bounds better than the best remote mobile network out there. That’s a big improvement - and it showed Games ran more smoothly than ever and looked graphically flawless, too, drawing the attention of dozens of attendees.

So, what will the launch of 5G mean for Shadow?

It’s simple. With 5G, you’ll be able to play games through Shadow anywhere, while enjoying the same amazing quality as you do at home with an insanely strong Wi-Fi connection. Gaming on the go is about to get a whole lot better. Just imagine playing your favorite games wherever you want through 5G.

And that’s not all

Along with making your cloud gaming experiences even more incredible (who’d have thought that was even possible?), 5G will pave the way for some pretty exciting technologies. Other Partners on the Event demonstrated a variety of objects and services that’ll be possible through 5G, including VR experiences, augmented reality glasses and the ability to drive cars through its super strong connection - even cars that are in other countries! (We’re being serious - the exhibitor drove a car in Sweden through the 5G connection in France. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.)

There’s so much to be excited about with 5G

5G hasn’t even been released properly, and it’s already changing the game of mobile possibilities. We can’t wait to see what happens with it (and to use it to play games on our commute to work, on holiday and on our phones under the table at boring family events). Watch this space.