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You’ve always dreamt of having an epic and exhilarating pen pal? Especially since you learned that Shadow sends a newsletter every fortnight (no, not like the game. Meaning we send it every 14 days)? 

We understand you… These emails, sent with love by our community managers, are our bi-weekly updates that spotlight each month’s interesting, and fun news.

It's all well and good to describe the newsletter with a string of flowery adjectives, but what is it really about?

And most importantly, how can you subscribe to it if you don’t already receive it? Spoiler alert: just scroll to the end of the article to join the chosen ones… or click here!click here!

What’s all this fuss about?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let's introduce our authors: as we were saying in the intro, every two weeks, our community managers are in charge of sharing our latest news with you. In the U.S., Brittaney handles this responsibility, in the UK, Luc, in Germany, Malte, and in France, Elfamoso! You can also connect with this great team on our Discord and on our Community Forum. Don’t hesitate to send them messages (cute ones) - those always make their day! 

In our newsletters, we like to discuss various topics. Do we know what will make the news ahead of time? No. And that’s what makes the magic of our newsletters: letting ourselves be surprised, marveled by the latest news… (/sentimentaltear). Here is a non-exhaustive list of the type of information you can find in our bi-weekly emails: 

  • Our latest developments: what we are currently working on, our latest releases and improvements. It can be related to new features, updates, bug fixes, additional storage, or anything else. Long story short: there is something interesting for everyone!
  • Company news: we explain how things are going internally and we inform you of developments, expansion plans, new key hires, and more.
  • Answers to the community: we answer the most frequently asked questions by #TeamShadow (whether it’s from Discord, Reddit, the Community Forum, or other social networks)
  • IRL: this year with COVID it was complicated to have in-person gatherings, but otherwise, in normal times, we share invitations for exclusive events. And by exclusive, we mean “the best events in the world” (being very objective, of course)
  • Sharing your content: your wallpapers, your setups, your Tweets ... sometimes (very often) you blow our minds... And we can't help but share all of this with the rest of the community!

And much more! We also share our live streams, recaps, previews of new features, blog posts, and all kinds of other information that we think might interest you.

I want to subscribe! What do I have to do?

Nothing more simple. Just…

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  • And if you aren’t subscribed yet… What are you waiting for? - jokes aside (well not that much because you’re definitely missing something!), you can also subscribe and we will send you emails once in a while (but not that often). 

We hope that you’ll enjoy reading our news and we can’t wait to keep this pen pal relationship for many years… And know that it doesn’t have to be one-sided! You can always write back, either to share your suggestions (about the newsletter) or to tell us how much you love getting our news, that always makes us happy!

Talk to you soon via email!