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Unlock new experiences: personalize your cloud gaming sessions with mods on your Shadow PC

Shadow PC is the only cloud solution for gaming mods

Mods can only be done through PC if the game is installed, so you can download the mod in the game folder which is not possible through cloud gaming except with Shadow PC, your virtual PC! Among all cloud gaming solutions, Shadow PC is the only one to offer a true, entire PC environment. You can install all the mods you want on your favorite games and enjoy them on all your devices with Shadow PC, and even on browsers with 'Shadow PC in Browser'.

Easy to install

Shadow PC behaves like a computer: connect to mod platforms such as Steam Workshop, Vortex Mod Manager, or ModDB, download the mod you are interested in, install it on your Shadow PC... and play.

Customize anywhere

You can reach your Shadow PC from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection allowing you to play all your games with their mods on a variety of devices such as your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, TV, VR headset, or even a Raspberry Pi. Just install the Shadow app and start up your Windows PC in the cloud. Don't have access to the app? No problem; you can also connect to your Shadow PC through “Shadow PC in Browser

What are mods for?

Mods are modifications created by the video game community to enhance your gaming experience.

Customize your adventure

You can add content, modify gameplay, alter the story, and even improve the graphics. Take control of the scenario, the only limit is the modders' imagination.

Two offers that meet your requirements

Shadow PC is a powerful Windows PC that you can access remotely from your browser or an app. Launch the app, log in, and get started: the image and sound are streamed directly to your device.



Intel Xeon™ up to 3.1 GHz 8 vCores


C:\ 512GB SSD

D:\ Up to 5TB+ of HDD

Windows 10 Home

1Gb/s down Bandwidth


VAT incl. the first month,

then £29.99/month, without commitment



AMD EPYC™ up to 3.7 GHz 8 vCores


C:\ 512GB SSD

D:\ Up to 5TB+ of HDD

Windows 11 Home

1Gb/s down Bandwidth


VAT incl. /month

Shadow PC offers do not include games shown. You must have purchased the game to be able to install a mod.All modders must respect the conditions of use of the modded game, in particular intellectual property and third-party rights. Mods must not be commercialized without the express authorization of the rightful owners.

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