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Optimize your computer hardware to improve lag

What you should prioritize in your upgrades and what else can be done hardware-wise to improve lag.

A month ago, we talked about what can cause lag: from connection to hardware, we tried to talk about as many factors as possible. 

In today’s blog article, we will focus more in-depth on hardware and how you can make the most out of your computer to avoid lag. 

As easy as it is to go years without updating your hardware, you will find a significant improvement to your lag issue by updating a few key hardware components to your PC.

Let’s see what our secrets-that-aren't-so-secret are on this subject, now. 

Key components

The minimum RAM you will find as a requirement for pretty much any game is at least 4GB. Most games recommend at least 8GB and you will find semi optimal performance at around 16GB. RAM is one of the cheaper components to increase (and installation is not nearly as difficult as people would think). 



The CPU is still important for gaming, although not nearly as important as it once was. We would say one of the most influential components to your CPU’s effect on gaming is whether it is a quad-core processor or not, so if you are using an old CPU, it could help to get a new one. The only thing to take into consideration is that updating your CPU is the most difficult task when it comes to computer upgrades because it almost always means needing a new motherboard, RAM, and then reinstalling Windows afterward.


Video Card 

Probably the best way with computer hardware to take your gaming experience to the highest heights of flawless visuals and less lag is  with your video card. These are often one of the most expensive components of hardware to your PC; however even a decent boost to your card will make a massive improvement to your lag and overall gaming. 

PC optimizer

A PC optimizer program is exactly what it says: a program that will optimize your PC’s performance capabilities. There are several programs that directly increase gaming performance. What these optimizers do is defrag your game folders and pause non-essential background processes (as well as perform other optimizations throughout). If you already maintain proper care of your hard drive and close background programs, this most likely won’t create a substantial impact, but since it is easy to just go into gaming without optimizing, a PC optimizer program can give you consistent performance.


What else? 


Did reading this article make you feel tired about the idea of upgrading your hardware? Well then you can always get a Shadow! It's a computer that will allow you to always play your games to their full potential, and you won’t have to worry about outdated or broken hardware. You will just get to enjoy a PC without the hassles of owning one!