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A 2019 Study shows: Over HALF of all PCs are out of date. Is yours?

A 2019 Avast PC Trends Report shows: over hald of PC's are out of date

A study conducted by Avast, a company which provides digital security products, revealed the average age for a PC in 2018 is 6 years-old. In 2017, Avast reported the average age of a PC was five and a half years old.

PC Components Haven't Aged well

Today, half of all PCs have 4GB of RAM. Also known as, Random Access Memory. 22% of computers have 2GB of RAM or less, while Just 30% of devices have more than 8GB of RAM.

The minimum requirements to run the new, Resident Evil 2, is 8GB of RAM.

Only 22% of computers can run a game like Resident Evil 2 with the minimum settings based on RAM statistics.

RAM is just one component of a computer needing upgrades to stay current in the always-improving gaming industry. You also have to keep your CPU and graphics card up to date, for example.

Even though Solid-State-Drives(SSD) are superior to Hard-Disk-Drives(HDD), only 15% of PC owners own a solid state drive. The other 85% of PC owners are stuck with outdated technology.

More Consumers are opting for Laptops & Tablets

More U.S. consumers are opting for Laptops, 2-1 computers, and tablets; as opposed to traditional desktop computers. However, laptops are nowhere near as powerful as a fully-built gaming rig, capable of playing AAA titles in 4k resolution with little to no latency.

Try playing a game like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on a regular laptop, and you'll soon be lagging and skipping like watching the original Star Wars movie on a scratched-to-pieces VHS tape.

Being a PC Gamer is expensive

As time continues, the average age of a PC will continue to rise. The hardware requirements you need to play new games, and run new programs increases at the same rate.

While improvements in tech allows gamers to play better, faster and stronger games, technological improvements also increase costs for gamers. And, costs will only increase as games move towards bigger & better realities.

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