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Work from home can be tough. Shadow shows how they embrace the challenge.

With work from home looking like it will be here for a while, Shadow focuses on making their setups personal to them. Self-care starts at home!

Shadow work from home setups

It’s more important than ever to do things to make you feel… like you. It’s easy to get lost in the isolation. When you can’t go out much (and not very far), can’t do the things you normally do, and are working from home, how can you make life bearable?

We here at Shadow feel the same way, so we pushed each other to make our work from home experiences as personal and comforting as possible. Of course there are other strategies to make sure you are feeling okay during confinement, including:

  • Video chatting with friends
  • Netflix binging
  • At home workouts
  • Start working through you video game backlog (we know you have one)  

But, for this article, we are going to be focusing on work from home setups, and how our colleagues made their work station their own. :)

Work(out) from home - Yohann

Who says you can’t get fit at home? Our revolutionary genius Yohann begs to differ.

If you are gonna be working for a majority of the day, might as well get super fit doing so. We know while you are stuck at home, it’s pretty easy to eat everything around you. Yohann battles that by making use of his work time… literally. 

Walking on the treadmill improves blood circulation and grinds out those nasty calories all while focusing on making Shadow amazing for our userbase (Shadow Fitness incoming soon). Also, don’t think we can’t see that Teemo poster in the background. We apologize to the League community for his blasphemy.

If that isn’t relaxation, what is - Sebastien

A warm glow. Rich brown wood. A dash of vegetation. You might as well add a personal masseuse while you're at it, Sebastien.

When you are cooped up in the house, relaxing can actually feel like a chore. Anxiety kicks in. You feel like you can’t do anything, or go anywhere. 

That’s where the Sebastien model comes into play. By making the “scenery” tranquil, we can make a work from home session calming (okay, maybe not like spa level calming - but good enough).

Wow indeed - Edouard

Now to transition from soothing to totally freaking geeking out with Edouard’s glorious setup.

So, let’s just tackle the main point here… LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL STATUES AHHHH. Okay, we’re good. I mean, wow they are beautiful. Sylvanas being a personal favorite of ours. 

And while it may be confusing what is going on in the background, you can tell one thing - the man is doing work! Like, what is even happening on those screens. And on all three of them too. Just glorious. Can we note the amazing camera focusing though. The pristine focus on the statues with the slight blur in the background to emphasize the statue. We see you Edouard.

We’re gonna need a bigger screen - Nicolas

We can genuinely say this entry was unexpected. That’s all we can say as the intro. Just wow.

Nicolas is comfy. You know how we know that. Those feet just ever so slightly popping up in the bottom. That’s a relaxed pose. We can tell.

At first glance, this seems to be a bit excessive, no? No! Absolutely not. We’re just mad the rest of us didn’t think of it sooner. I mean, cmon! Look at it. Why work on a small screen when you can turn your work from home into a movie theater film marathon (but of work, not films - films would be nice… man we miss movie theaters… in time… patience).


How about a staycation? - Clara

We end with the perfect way to handle confinement: the staycation. Social distancing, but with a breath of fresh air.

Before we get into the big brain idea behind this, can we just take a second to appreciate the color scheme. The green shrubs with the red wall, and the chair that color coordinate with everything else. Don’t think we didn’t notice. Hey, it’s been shown that those little details are what can make you feel the most positive. Give it a try. :)

Okay, onto the concept. When you are stuck in confinement, it’s easy to feel trapped. Clara decided to untrap herself… literally. Being safe while still being in the confines of your own personal “outdoors” is a perfect way to feel a sense of freedom, which can help with a lot of that anxiety. Kudos, Clara.  


Work from home - a positive spin

We know the last thing you all want to hear right now is “confinement isn’t that bad,” but we’ll say this: our own personal actions can always help. 

So, during this time where everything can feel overwhelming, make the situation your own. Work from home can feel like it drags on and on, or maybe you just procrastinate because you are at home. Now is the opportunity to really make your work from home setup “pop” with your own personal flair. 

Let your imagination run wild. And hey, if you need a work from home solution to help out, you can check out Shadow. It’s kind of what we do. :)