General conditions

Free monthly subscription to Shadow offered to all customers who bought their Epic combo ‘full TV experience’ before 31/12/2019. Shadow will not appear in the basket during the ordering process. After the installation of internet & TV, the client will receive (via mail) a personalised activation code, via which he can create a Shadow account. This activation code is only valid for 31 days. One code per pack. Shadow will recognise the Epic combo ‘full TV experience’ customer and won’t charge anything. As long as the user stays an Epic combo ‘full TV experience’ customer, his subscription will remain free. When the user cancels its Epic subscription, the Shadow subscription will be cancelled as well. In that case the user can reactivate his own Shadow account, with a new paying method, within 2 weeks. In case of inactivity* of the Shadow account, the Shadow subscription will be cancelled as well.

*The customer needs to install Shadow and connect two times in the first month to become an active user. An active user needs to connect at least one time every 3 month to keep the account active. Shadow will send reminders when the deadlines are almost reached.