A revolution for gamers

Go beyond the physical limits of a regular PC with Shadow! Run all today’s best games and be ready for the next generation of hits. Enjoy top performance without spending a fortune on a computer that will be obsolete in a few years.

Gaming on a whole new level

Download Shadow, connect to your account, and install all your games from your preferred platforms (Steam, Origin, battle.net, etc)! Shadow allows you to play the most demanding games up to 4K UHD 60Hz, on any screen. Max your games’ settings to enjoy the best graphics, without losing fluidity. Make the most of your gaming experience with a high-end PC that fits in an app.

Always top performance

The best gaming PC is the one you won't have to upgrade all the time. So not only does your Shadow come with a high-performance configuration to play all the newest games, it also evolves, giving you even better hardware as new technology becomes available. These upgrades are free of charge, everything is included in your subscription!

Play, stream, download, all at once

Shadow has a professional internet connection (1Gb/s download, 100 Mb/s upload), no matter your device internet connect. Say goodbye to long updates!

The freedom of a full computer

Shadow gives you a full Windows 10 experience. Anything you can do on a high-end computer, you can do on Shadow. Because we know you love to have choice.