What's Shadow?

All your games on max settings, forever

Shadow is the only computer that improves over time. Always upgraded and updated, Shadow runs Windows 10 PC on the latest hardware, meaning extreme power with protection from hardware failures. Your new and best PC. To play, work and browse. Do everything you like to do. Better.

Your PC in a data center

The components of your Shadow computer are located in highly secured local data centers. Cutting-edge technology transmits a perfect image up to 4K, with no visible latency.

Connected to you

Shadow instantly sends data from your peripherals - keyboard, mouse, controller - to create the best system for every use.

Always top-of-the-line

While technology constantly evolves, so will Shadow. We solve any technical issues and upgrade all components for you, in the cloud. You get to enjoy the unparalleled power of a PC without any upkeep.

8 dedicated threads on an Intel Xeon server




256 GB


Single-user high-end Nvidia graphics card