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Enjoy New World without a gaming PC, anywhere, anytime, thanks to Shadow!

With Shadow PC, free yourself from the need for a gaming computer to join thrilling adventures in New World. Thanks to the power of cloud gaming, play anywhere, anytime, from any screen or device.

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New World is an immersive MMORPG experience, with dozens of mysteries to uncover and challenges to take on. With Shadow PC, ensure yourself the best setup to stay focused on the action, free from technical limitations. Dive into this rich, detailed world with constant great performance and no lags or framerate drops, no matter what device you're playing on, whether crafting and building or fighting epic bosses.

Shadow PC is a powerful cloud-based PC that gives you access to a full Windows gaming machine. Just install New World and play. As Shadow PC is a complete computer, you are not limited to games, and you can use Discord, OBS, Teamspeak, and any program that will help you level up. Also, with Shadow PC, you can play in a single browser tab from anywhere, without installing any Shadow PC app.

Reveal your potential in Aeternum with Shadow!

New World is an innovative MMORPG with in-depth economy systems, requiring significant community involvement on each of its servers. With Shadow PC, you're always ready to join your friends and embark on adventures in Aeternum, thanks to the power of cloud gaming, enabling you to play on any computer, smartphone, tablet, or TV. With Shadow PC Power Offer, enjoy 4K graphics with a constant frame rate.

Consistent frame rate performance

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Resolution up to 4K on all your existing hardware with Power Offer

Play with your friends from any computer, or even smartphone

New World: shape the destiny of Aeternum and build your legacy

New World is an innovative MMORPG by Amazon Games set on the island of Aeternum, a legendary realm full of opportunities, dark histories, and danger. Players start their adventure after being shipwrecked on this mythical land, often mentioned in rumors but rarely seen by adventurers with their own eyes, as few survivors ever return from it. The game heavily relies on social engagement from the players, featuring three factions that often challenge each other in PvP events to claim, defend, and develop their territory. New World features a real-time combat system and a unique classless system, allowing players to change their role and respecialize as needed. The game is regularly updated with new lands to explore and bosses to raid.


Action-RPG, MMO




Amazon Games

Available on:

PC, Mac & Android, iPhone & iPad (via Shadow PC)

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