Solutions for games studio & publisher

Making games is exciting, and equally challenging. With Echo Session, get value added feedback at all stages of game development in a flexible, scalable and secure way.

Game testing made easy

Forget about painful events planning, hardware requirements and installation, risks of leaks, build discrepancies... Echo Session is the everyday streaming-based Playtesting, QA and PR solution

All you need is to upload your content to share in a VM : select your dates, configurations & experience duration

Your guests just need a device with an internet connection to enjoy your content, test and provide feedback.

Watch your guests playing live

Echo sessions are fully secured, content-locked, watermarked, recorded

Virtual events that matter

From community alpha to release communication beat, Virtual Booth is the perfect demo pod in the cloud that scales with your ambitions. Create your event, upload your game demo, and let thousands of fans play your upcoming title in streaming with pixel-perfect quality and great performance, hassle-free.

Unrivaled attendance, flexibility and ROI

Insightful data and heatmaps to improve reception at release

Transform highly qualified leads into engaged fans and customers

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