How does Shadow work?

A look at the remote computer revolution

The first cloud based high-end PC

Unlike a regular game streaming service, Shadow is a full computer you access remotely, just by logging in to your account. Everything relies on a secured infrastructure that links our data centres with your Shadow on one end, and your device at the other end. This revolution is the result of a unique development, from servers hosting high-end computer components, to homemade encoding software and decoding . Our goal is simple: providing a cloud computing experience equal or better than the one you get on a high-end local machine, by handling all the computing power and streaming only the resulting image.

Shadow receives your inputs: all the commands from your keyboard, mouse, or controller.
All computing takes place in your dedicated machine in our data centres.
You receive the image and the sound with no noticeable latency!

Your data is secure

Shadow data is stored in our secured data centres and you are the only one that can access it. We will never share your personal data.

No more hardware failures

If one of your components is showing decreased performance, it is automatically and seamlessly replaced.