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All of The Games Announced at The 2019 E3 Expo - Part 2

All of The Games Announced at The 2019 E3 Expo - Part 2

Shadow visited E3 - Every game announced at the Expo

This is the second part of the E3 2019 series where we show you all the games announced at E3.

Part 1: 1-22

Part 2: 23-44

Part 3: 44-66

Part 4: 67-91

This year, Shadow attended E3!

We designed our booth to showcase Shadow with the best peripherals possible and demonstrate the power of cloud gaming.

E3 is a wonderful event for all video game fans, but not everybody can attend. That’s why we decided to be your reporters so you can live the event like you were here with Shadow.

This article will give you the E3 announcements and what we think about them.

Games Breakdown

Many games came out this year, from new RPGs to party games, that will bring content every gamer wants. We can’t wait to play all of these PC games , and other games as well.

Here is a full breakdown of the games per platform announced at E3:

PC Games - all available on Shadow: 61

Xbox Games: 42

PS4 Games: 38

Nintendo Switch Games: 28

Stadia Games: 3

Xbox Scarlet Games: 1

E3 2019 Announced Games Glossary

Use this glossary to jump to specific games that interest you (use ctr+F). Each game has a video and information related to the title.

23. Contras Rogue Corps

24. FIFA 20

25. Code Vein

26. Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age

27. Ghost Recon Breakpoint

28.The Outer Worlds

29.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

30. Just Dance 2020

31. Death Stranding

32. Shenmue 3

33. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

34. Pokémon Sword and Shield

35. Doom Eternal

36. Planet Zoo

37. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

38. Luigi's Mansion 3

39. The Witcher 3

40. Psychonauts 2

41. Pistol Whip

42. Commander Keen

43. War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

44. Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency

continued on part 3.

Contras Rogue Corps

Release date: September 24th, 2019

Platform: Nintendo Switch

The famous “Run & Gun” game is back!

Presented by Konami during the Nintendo Direct along with the Contras Anniversary Collection, this new version is dropping the side-scrolling for a top-down isometric approach. Up to 4 players can play, so bring your friends!


Release date: September 27th, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox

Football or soccer?

As a French-American company, that’s a question we can’t answer. But the new FIFA is coming with graphic improvements and probably some slight differences in the gameplay.

The new FIFA includes the VOLTA mode, which was described as FIFA Street. A good thing for fans of the original Street games, like NBA Street and NFL Street.

Code Vein

Release date: September 27th, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox

Take control of a vampire in this action RPG game taking place in a futuristic open-world.

Find the blood drop to prevent turning into a ghoul, and live the adventure in this beautiful new release from Bandai. We didn't see a lot of gameplay, but we like the art style enough to want to see more.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Release date: September 27th, 2019

Platform: Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo Switch carry over is coming with new features.

The new Dragon Quest port includes the full original game but also new scenarios specific to some characters, new music, new monsters to ride, additional quests and more!

A nice touch we appreciate, is the possibility to choose between English and Japanese dubs, and obviously the crisp, unique graphics that makes Dragon Quest stand out on its own.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Release date: October 4th, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox

Following without really following Ghost Recon Wildlands, Breakpoint gets the same mixture we enjoyed in the last episode and transposes it to a technological war full of drones and assault rifles.

In this open world game, complete missions, kill enemies and unlock a full load of new weapons alone or with your friends, as the game gives you a 4 person co-op experience.

Darker than Wildlands, Breakpoint is more mature, and provide a rougher design that sticks with the spirit of the game.

The Outer World

Release date: October 25th, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox

The Outer World is a sci-fi RPG that reminds us of Borderlands, Bioshock and Fallout while adding a little something new that makes the game familiar and surprising at the same time.

The Outer World takes place in Halcyon, mankind's furthest colony in the universe. You play a character who was lost in transit with his ship on his way to the colony, and awakes after ten years to find himself in the middle of a conspiracy against the colony.

With amazing graphics, this RPG is a deep dive into the gaming world, that might make you take a few days off work to lose yourself when it will finally be released.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Release date: October 25th, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox

Presented as a totally new game at E3 and not as an original Modern Warfare clone, this opus of the saga is more realistic than the others.

Taking place in modern times, you will fight against terrorists in different places of the world. The story mode is back with an immersive campaign, in which you will have to spot the difference between a terrorist and a civilian, and be careful with your trigger to succeed in your missions.

The game also feels more mature, giving you a different point of view and a better understanding of the motivations of each party. A promising game like no other Call of Duty that we are excited for in the Shadow office!

Just Dance 2020

Release date: November 5th, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Stadia

Just Dance is back with more content, more music, and more game modes!

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the game comes with 40 new tracks to dance to.

Different modes are also available, like co-op mode, sweat mode (giving you the number of calories burnt) or party mode!

Planet Zoo

Release date: November 5th, 2019

Platform: PC

Planet Zoo is a solo management game where you become a zoo owner who is taking care of his animals. At launch, 50 different animals have been announced, each one controlled by an AI to replicate the natural behavior of the animal, increasing the realistic aspect of the game.

If you loved the Planet Coaster game and you love animals, Planet Zoo is Frontier Developments’ game designed for you and your Zoo Tycoon needs.

Death Stranding

Release date: November 8th, 2019

Platform: PS4

A philosophical game about our society that Hideo Kojima presents to us with a purpose: “I hope you will understand the importance of creating bonds between people”.

You play as Sam Porter Bridges, in a modern society where bonds between people don't exist anymore, because of the walls we built between each other.

Your objective is to “repair” the world’s society by linking the different cities together through this action game.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Release date: November 15th, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox

Chronologically, the game takes place between episodes 3 and 4, where you become Cal Kestis, a Jedi who survived after Palpatine’s order 66 You are expected to survive while being tracked by enemies who want to send you to your grave.

This single-player only game is promised to be without micro-transactions nor lootboxes, something we can get behind.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Release date: November 15th, 2019

Platform: Nintendo Switch

The first games of the main Pokemon series to be imported to a home console, these two games are also the first of the 8th generation, including totally new Pokemon.

The gameplay is a sweet mix between the old fashion Pokemon way, and the new gameplay introduced in Pokemon Go and Pokemon let’s go Evee/ Pokemon let’s go Pikachu.

Shenmue 3

Release date: November 19th, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4

Shenmue 3 takes place right after Shenmue 2, where you play as Ryo Hazuki, helped by Shenhua Ling that he meets at the end of the last episode, on a mission to find his father’s assassin.

The story takes place in China, through an action-adventure style game, centered on the purpose of your quest; finding your father's killer. We don't know much more than that at this time.

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

Release date: Fall, 2019

Platform: PC

The famous RTS game is celebrating its 10 years anniversary with a new edition, starring all the past editions of the license as well as the extensions.

In addition to the original content, discover three brand new campaigns with four new civilizations, called “The last Khans”.

Challenge other players through 1000 years of human civilization and conquer the world with one of the 35 different civilizations. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is a nice anniversary present for the RTS fans of the game.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Release date: 2019

Platform: Nintendo Switch

This year, Luigi will have to save not only Mario, but his whole Nintendo family from the ghosts in a haunted hotel.

With new features on your ectoblast like ghost smashing, or the summoning of Gooigi, a liquid version of Luigi, the gameplay is fully transformed.

The graphics are also improved, making you dive into this funny/gloomy atmosphere with both feet forward.

DOOM Eternal

Release date: November 22nd, 2019

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Doom Eternal takes place on Earth for the first time in the series.

You will kill old and new demons with your DOOM Marine and his incredibly large arsenal of weapons.

If you haven’t played the old DOOM games, this FPS will show you the definition of a “kill on sight” game.

The Witcher 3

Release date: 2019

Platform: Nintendo Switch

The famous open-world RPG is finally coming to Switch!

Play as Geralt, the monster hunter, in a medieval/fantasy world and save your daughter from the WIld Hunt, while accomplishing side quests and slaying monsters for bounties.

The downloadable content for The Witcher 3 includes Blood & Wine, and Hearts of Stone which both feel like entire games on their own. The Witcher 3 is consistently rated as the best game of all time, for good reason.

Pyschonauts 2

Release date: 2020

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox

With the same gameplay as the last Psychonauts game, you control Raz, a psychonaut with telekinesis abilities, pyrokinesis and levitation powers, who delves into the minds of NPC characters, to rescue your head Psychonaut teacher.

This 3rd person platform game is creepy, unique and looks really promising!

Pistol Whip

Release date: 2019

Platform: ???

Pistol Whip is a VR game that was announced by Cloudflare at E3 2019 and is supposed to release on “all major VR platforms.

With gameplay similar to Superhot VR, with a touch of Beat Saber, Pistol Whip looks like a new VR experience that will help the democratization of the long-awaited virtual reality technology.

Commander Keen

Release date: 2019

Platform: Mobile

The comeback of Commander Keen, after almost 30 years!

With new graphics and actualized gameplay, control Billy and Billie, two genius kids who use a bunch of gadgets to beat aliens.

The strategic gameplay will keep you occupied for hours while giving a sweet nostalgia of Saturday morning cartoons.

Commander Keen has been announced for iOS and Android.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Release date: 2019

Platform: Mobile

A spin-off of the strategic role-playing game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, in which you are fighting a war between five rival nations that occurred in the past.

The set takes place in the same world as the last title of the series: the continent of Ardora in the world of Lapis.

Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency

Release date: 2019

Platform: PC

In this VR game, second of the franchise, you control a character whose objective is to fight against robots to save the world from “ultimate efficiency” that is frightening the human race.

Compared to the first title, you now have access to open environments and a new weapon: a bow that increases your long-range accuracy.

Continued on part 3.

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