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Shadow Drive extends its Soft Launch to 10 additional countries

The secure and affordable online storage solution is now accessible to all in a selection of European territories.

Shadow Drive, a secure end-to-end data encryption-based and affordable online storage solution, is now available in 10 additional countries as part of its Soft Launch process: UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Germany, Nederlands, Austria, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark. Previously soft-launched in August only to historical hubiC users, Shadow Drive is now accessible on our shop for all users in the selected countries.

Shadow Drive has been designed in partnership with Nextcloud, the world leader in open-source storage platforms, and built on three major features: Store, Share, and Sync. These will allow users to easily store, share, and synchronize their data while keeping access to them from anywhere. This cloud storage solution is free for up to 20 GB of storage, while a premium version of the service (8,99$ per month) offers storage up to 2 TB. Shadow Drive is accessible via its web interface and through Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS (still in Beta). Check our Downloads page for more.

Shadow Drive will be available in France in the coming weeks, and later in North America.

And as for all Shadow services, it's a non-binding offer and it's independent of any Shadow PC subscription.

Shadow Drive teams are also currently working on several additional features of the cloud storage service: current users have been asking for it a lot, and WebDAV compatibility to connect the software you usually use (Cyberduck, FileZilla, Windows Network Drive, etc.) is under development. Shadow Drive teams are also working on integrating new Nextcloud modules.

Shadow Drive is a service that will improve thanks to the feedback of its users throughout this Soft Launch period, and after the product is fully launched. So don't hesitate to tell us what you think about it and how to improve it with the next features/modules.

"We live in an age where all of our digital life, all of our communications are now in the cloud, and most of it is hosted overseas. I have no desire to live in a world where five giants own all the files in the world. That's why I'm excited that we work together with SHADOW, as our two companies share values of excellence, openness, and European sovereignty," said Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud.


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Nextcloud Hub is the most deployed on-premises content collaboration platform. It combines the easy user interface of consumer-grade cloud solutions with the security and compliance measures enterprises need. Nextcloud Hub combines universal access to data through mobile, desktop and web interfaces with next-generation, on-premise secure communication and collaboration features like real-time document editing, chat and video calls, putting them under the direct control of IT and integrated with existing infrastructure.

Nextcloud's easy and quick deployment, open, modular architecture and emphasis on security and advanced federation capabilities enable modern enterprises to leverage their existing file storage assets within and across the borders of their organization. For more information, visit or follow @Nextclouders on Twitter.