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Shadow Game Store: buy your Steam and Ubisoft games at discounted prices

Shadow enhances its Shadow PC Gaming offer with a game shop offering low prices in partnership with Gamesplanet and makes cloud gaming experience even more accessible.

Discover, download, and play!

Shadow PC Gaming users can now purchase their favorite games online via the Shadow Game Store, just as they would on any other gaming platform. Whether it's a triple-A game on Steam or a highly anticipated Ubisoft game, the purchasing experience remains smooth and secure.

Games at competitive prices

What makes the Shadow Game Store unique is its commitment to offering games at very attractive prices. The platform offers competitive rates ranging from €1 to €50, allowing everyone to enrich their game collection at their own pace and at an affordable price. Shadow aims to offer more to its users and to improve the satisfaction of its community.

You truly own the games you purchase

On the Shadow Game Store, games are not rented like in other streaming services; on the contrary, users become full owners. This approach gives gamers total freedom: they can enjoy their games however they like, whether on their Shadow PC or on other devices, without any restrictions. This full ownership ensures a constraint-free gaming experience, allowing players to maximize the use of their game collection.

With the launch of its Game Store, Shadow reaffirms its commitment to offering added value to its community. This new platform promises to open up new possibilities and enhance the gaming experience for Shadow users.