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Apex Legends Tips and Strategies to be The Last Team Standing

Apex Legends Tips and Strategies to be The Last Team Standing

These Apex Legends Tips and strategies will help your team make it to the end

Apex Legends Tips and Strategies to be The Last Team Standing [done]

Out of all of the popular battle royale shooters blowing up the internet and esports scene right now, Apex Legends is the newest and one of the biggest.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, the same team behind both Titanfall games and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Apex Legends is entirely free-to-play and download for PC. We’ve put together some tips and strategies to help you come out on top in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends crew

Getting Started In Apex Legends

The main thing that separates Apex Legends from most other battle royale shooters is that it uses a class-based system with hero characters that all play differently and have special powers, kind of like Overwatch. Instead of everyone starting on the same playing field, there are some variations depending on which class you pick. 

Apex Caustic

For example, some characters like Lifeline can heal themselves and teammates, whereas characters like Pathfinder get a grappling hook.

You’ll still scavenge across the map and open loot chests to find gear such as guns, gadgets, and armor, but the strategies you deploy to take advantage of what you acquire will be different based on which character you picked.

Another factor is Apex Legends is a squad-only battle royale game, so that means teamwork is basically mandatory. You can’t drop into a match solo and you’re forced to have two other teammates fighting by your side, so get used to playing as a team if you want to succeed. 

Apex Legends Basic Tips

The most important basic tip for Apex Legends is the same as any other battle royale game: stay alive at all costs. There aren’t really any respawns to speak of, and once you’re dead, you’re dead...sort of.

apex legends tips dont die

If you go down in combat a teammate can get you back on your feet before you fully die. If you do fully die, then you still have a shot at coming back as long as someone in your squad is still kicking and they manage to grab your Legend banner and then resurrect you at a Respawn Beacon.

It’s super risky because of how long it takes and the revived player is back at square zero with no gear at all, but getting a teammate back is usually worth the investment.

Apex Legends Respawn

Apex Legends is all about teamwork.

When you first load into a map, someone on your squad is assigned as the “jumpmaster” and controls where the team lands as long as no one splits off to fly solo. There’s also a great feature that lets you “ping” information for your buddies such as enemy locations, loot locations, or where you’re headed. Since not everyone plays with a mic it’s an extremely useful system that hopefully more games adopt in the future.

And don’t forget that Apex Legends is designed to be an extremely fast-paced and frenetic experience. All characters move at the same running speed and go faster when weapons are holstered, but sliding while running lets you move even more quickly while also making you a harder target for enemies to hit.

Apex Legends Character Explanations

In Apex Legends there are 11 different characters to pick from, each of which have different abilities. Picking a good, balanced team is extremely important:

  • Bangalore: She is a soldier with a smoke launcher to provide cover and her ultimate, Rolling Thunder, calls down an artillery strike.
  • Bloodhound: A hunter that can reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues and their ultimate enhances all senses, increases speed, and highlights enemies.
  • Caustic: A trapper that can drop canisters of deadly gas and his ultimate blankets a large area in toxic Nox gas.
  • Gibraltar: A hulking, shielded brute that can throw down a dome of protection for 15 seconds and his ultimate calls down a concentrated mortar strike.
  • Lifeline: A combat medic that can use a drone to heal teammates and her ultimate calls in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive items.
  • Mirage: A trickster that can send out holographic decors and his ultimate deploys a large team of decoys to distract enemies.
  • Octane: An adrenaline junkie that can inject himself to move more quickly at the expense of health and his ultimate deploys a jump pad to catapult himself and teammates.
  • Pathfinder: A scout robot with a grappling hook and its ultimate creates a long zipline for anyone to use.
  • Wattson: A defensive soldier that can establish an electrified perimeter fence to damage and slow enemies and her ultimate creates an electrified pylon to destroy incoming ordinances and repairs shields.
  • Wraith: An interdimensional fighter that can evade damage by phasing in and out of “void space” and her ultimate allows her to create two portals that are linked together for one minute.


Crypto is the newest legend brought to Apex Legends and will release for play with Season 3 on October first, 2019.

Crypto | Apex Legends

Image source: Respawn entertainment

Crypto is a hacker.

His main tool is a drone and he uses it quite well to keep aggressive players at bay. However, the surveillance drone does not have much health, taking one or two hits before exploding. The drone emits a low, constant humming that enemy players can hear. This makes the surveillance drone a bit less stealthy than it could have been without the low engine. whirl

You need to be cautious where you deploy your surveillance drone. Whenever Crypto takes damage, he is automatically forced out of drone view. Make sure you are in a safe and secure space when you deploy the surveillance drone because Crypto becomes, essentially, an AFK player while piloting.

Even with the vulnerability while controlling the drone, Crypto has a lot of potential to be a game-changing Legend in the Apex world. The drone can identify enemy players, open doors and containers, and even pick up banner cards from fallen teammates. His abilities will particularly shine as a sacrificial breacher for entering potentially hostile buildings without the risk of losing a teammate.

Crypto's ultimate,the Drone EMP, adds another layer of complexity to the meta. Crypto's drone can manually detonate, creating an EMP field that damages shields, slows enemy players and disables traps, sort of like the shooter equivalent of a rogue in an RPG game.

You will use the Drone EMP to stop near-death enemies from escaping, or for disarming traps which can be particularly useful for clearing hallways or rooms full of traps previously inaccessible.

Apex Legends Specific Tips And Strategies

In Apex Legends there is only one map: Kings Canyon. It’s an extremely varied map with tons of different terrain and regions that all feel very distinct. Despite its size, it’s quite difficult to get lost in the arena. As the match progresses, the Ring will gradually close in on a specific location forcing players towards the center where they must face off or die in the face of insurmountable odds.

When you’re dropping into a match it’s important to pick a landing zone and get to the ground as soon as possible to arm yourself. Splitting up early is a good idea so you’re not competing for loot, but as soon as everyone is armed you should regroup.

Apex Legends - Kings Canyon

If you opt for a long-ranged role and use a sniper, be aware that bullet drop exists so you need to aim above targets if you’re far enough away. Use the numbers on the sides of your scope to gauge distance.

Being down in Apex Legends is also not as terrible as in other battle royale games since you get  a nifty shield that pops up, you can use teammate portals, open and close doors, and even crawl all while downed. You should also keep using the ping system to help teammates find your assailants.

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