Transform Your Device Into a Gaming PC

Shadow allows you to stream a fully featured gaming PC to all your devices. Whether you're on your old PC, Mac, smartphone or TV.

Tackle New Games On Any Device

Shadow provides all of the power you expect from a high-end gaming computer, without the hardware.

Always Top-of-the-Line at No Additional Cost

Shadow’s components are upgraded regularly and never need expensive repairs. Unlike a physical PC, Shadow stays up to date.

You Don’t Need a Gaming PC for PC Gaming

Turn your work laptop, Mac, smartphone, tablet, TV, or even your five-year-old PC into a gaming beast.

Shadow is Expanding Fast

Shadow's team is working hard to build secure data centers across the country, bringing the highest level of service to each area. Shadow is currently available in the highlighted states and will be going nationwide soon.

The High-Performance Computer Delivered Through an App

For gaming and anything else, you can use your Shadow from nearly any device with the Shadow app.


I love shadow because I can finally play Garry's mod with no slowdowns and play Minecraft with the good shaders :) It also allows me to play PC only games on my Mac.


@Shadow_NA is great! No worrying about what I need to play, just play. Better then game streaming, because you get the entire PC for mods, add-ons, saves, etc and aren’t limited by library from the service.


Just got my new @Shadow_NA computer! Playing @DOOM and @PlayOverwatch in Ultra Graphics on my 13” mac book pro. #smoothasbutter #doom Thank you sooo much @Shadow_USA for existing!


Mobile streaming and gaming rig, how do I game and stream from a laptop. @Shadow_NA can tell you. 💪Gaming power!


@Shadow_NA My PC died last November and I knew nothing about your service until a couple months ago and I finally took the plunge on Saturday. I'm glad I did


So I signed up for @Shadow_NA and this is so simple and fast. Downloading D2 and it's about 15 GB into the download in less than 3 minutes. Can't wait to see how it runs!


Been playing wow a bit more recently. I’ve been using the @Shadow_NA virtual game service and I’ve been thoroughly impressed. It works unreasonably well. I hadn’t realized how much my potato computer was negatively impacting my enjoyment of wow. It’s nice to be raiding again.


Have been using @Shadow_NA for about a week, everything has been amazing went from 10 fps in The Division 2 on all low settings to 60+ consistently everything ultra 1080p. This is the future of gaming.


WOW decided to give @Shadow_NA a try and it was ready in 35 minutes!


Picked up @playboundless in the Steam sale. Started playing it via @Shadow_NA / game streaming. Realized when I finished for the night I at somepoint FORGOT I was running it on a remote computer.


Almost done our recruitment video on our @Shadow_NA box. Smooth and easy to work on. #shadowmakers


Something about the @Shadow_NA graphics makes all the games look better. Can actually play Cook Serve Delicious 2 with no glasses as I am near sighted. But I cannot do this with just my laptop. Strange but awesome!


Big shout out to @Shadow_NA customer service team! Thank you for helping me get my subscription dates adjusted!


@Shadow_NA just wanted to say that I've been using your service for a couple days now and it works amazingly well! Took me by complete surprise at how well it seems to work! Keep up the hard work! ❤❤❤


@Shadow_NA Lately I've pretty much exclusively been using Shadow for fighting game tournament training, sure I'm not a pro, but it definitely seems to be a really promising tool for esports.


Enjoying @Shadow_NA for my gaming recently. Playing #battlefieldV on my #surfacepro3 is pretty cool.