Transform Your Device Into a Gaming PC

Shadow allows you to stream a fully featured gaming PC to all your devices. Whether you're on your old PC, Mac, smartphone or TV. Find out which plan is made for you. Starting from $11.99.

The gaming rig you deserve

Shadow is a full-featured cloud PC with dedicated storage that you can access from any device at any time. Bring your own games, progress, and achievements from your favorite libraries, or install new ones. Our datacenters are always up to date, so you can focus on gaming.

Power for all

With Shadow's innovative and proprietary streaming software you get the lowest streaming in-game latency available on the market. We handle all the computing power, allowing you to game like never before.

It's a gaming PC!

Shadow is a full Windows 10 PC, which means you can use any software or play any games you own. Like a regular PC, you can download, install and run any software you want. Edit videos in up to 4K, use the Microsoft Office Suite or simply binge watch your favorite shows. Anything you want can be done on Shadow.

3 offers to fit your needs

At Shadow, we believe the future of computing should be accessible to everyone. That is why we offer 3 different configurations that fit your needs. With Shadow, play all your games from high to ultra settings, thanks to our regular technology updates over time, freeing you from the frustrations of obsolescence. Game on!

15 Mb/s for Optimal Performance

Stable internet is recommended for a better experience, but Shadow has been optimized for most connections, even 4G LTE!

Shadow is now available nationwide

Shadow's team is working hard to build secure data centers across the country, bringing the highest level of service to each area. Shadow is currently live in the dark blue states and in “Exploration Mode” in the light blue states.

“Exploration Mode” States (Light Blue): Variable Shadow experience due to multiple factors out of our control (distance, terrain, infrastructure, etc.)

Community Wall

It's all over the Internet


Holy Moly. Just had my @Shadow_Official PC enabled... kinda speechless on how good this is. And I thought GeForce Now was decent. Plus I can use it for being a 3D design beast!


I’ve used shadow for the last three days. It’s friggin brilliant. Take my money. Best service since Netflix. You guys created something really special here! Glad to be a part of it! Great job!


Waking up on a Sunday morning with some Coffee, Shadow PC open for Video Editing, and a Text Editor for my next blog post = #Bliss @Shadow_Official


@Shadow_Official is one of the best gaming platforms, and also epic humour. #WeLoveShadow


Now I can finally play @OrontesG DRAG everywhere while the demo is available, thanks to @thefxtec and @Shadow_Official @Shadow_France! Not going to beat the current 28" best record anytime soon though. Also, thanks devs for the Linux version, I'll enjoy the game locally too.


The amount of growth our PC @survivetheark community has seen thanks to @Shadow_Official is insane lately. I've even talked to a few people coming from ARK mobile this week! @NotDollie you have some new friends


If you love videogames, I highly recommend @Shadow_Official. Been using it for a few months now and can say hands down its better then building a gaming PC, and way cheaper! I can play all my PC games on my Mac, iPad and AppleTV!


Big kudos to @Shadow_Official. Works like a charm!


Or use @Shadow_Official and get best of both worlds. Decent pc, cheap games, cloud based. £12 per month


Just Subscribed to 2.25TBs as well. Staying at home for Covid-19 just got easier 🙏🙌 Thanks @Shadow_Official all that's left is for Shadow Ghost to become Available again 🤣🤣


I might have gone overboard on buying 2 TB of storage for my @Shadow_Official PC but it will be 100% worth it for how many games we'll have at our disposal!


Shadows is a life saver all i have is a older laptop beign able to play games during this time is the only thing keeping me saine I can't thank you guys enough


I use a shadow everyday and so far @Shadow_Official has never let me down. No matter what time, what I’m doing, shadow has been there. I love the shadow PC ss it helps me with a faster coding and gaming environment.


@Shadow_Official is still the best way to game on the cloud. Playing final fantasy xiv feels very much like I'm playing on my desktop. A noticeably better experience when comparing it to a paperspace server from my location


I recently started using @Shadow_Official for testing my project (need to play a game). It's basically a Gaming PC in the cloud (pretty powerful). It has an app for your phone so if you hook up your phone to your keyboard+mouse and monitor/tv. You are ready to go!


When someone's bragging about their £1000 gaming pc but you're playing #TheDivision2 on your mobile 😏 @Shadow_Official