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a month ago

The top 10 PC Setups from the Shadow Community

Mobile, beautiful, or fun: You’ll be inspired from these Shadow setups

We can’t say it enough: Shadow is a gaming PC you can use wherever you want, whenever you want.

Many of our users who understand the potential of Shadow, get creative with their Shadows. Below are the top 10 best setups made by our community in the last month.

We are going to post another top ten best Shadow setups when we get enough content. If you’re on twitter, @Shadow_USA and share your Shadow setup with us.

Here at Shadow, every employee has a favorite show. That show is Friends. All two-hundred of us. Trust us, you don’t need to ask anyone. We’re presenting each setup, like a Friends episode to honor good taste in sitcoms.

Shadow will be there for you.

The one that is terribly zen

This Shadow setup shows a minimal connection to nature. A simple, plain desk, without any distractions. Gentle green lights, plants on the bookcases, and an organic Shadow wallpaper, found in our Discord channel.

Not Pictured: Gentle whale noises, a little waterfall fountain and a session of Subnautica.

The one with the head in the stars

Did you manage to stick with No Man’s Sky, despite its rough beginning? have you continued to explore EVE Online? Or, prefer colonizing new planets in Astroneer, or Surviving Mars?

Oh, do we have a Shadow Space setup for you.

The one with the Monitors

Who said two monitors are enough? Not this Shadow user, who created a multitasking configuration that in the end, is not so cumbersome with its two lateral monitors. We can’t give you a reason to use four monitors--wait, yes we can. More monitors is always better. Good job.

The one that loved animals

We have our load of pet lovers at Shadow. And they love their pets so much, they let them use their Shadow PC when they want to (pet owners know, you can’t fight forever, our furry friends always win). We already knew cats’ skills to take ownership of our spaces (here is Kairi, our user Janexh’s cat), but this little doggo seems to share this characteristic with them.

The one that loved the university’s wifi

Who tried to avoid boredom during math, drawing stick figures on the table with his pencil? Who tried to sneak into the IT room in middle-school to play a quick game of Counter-Strike?

Since the beginning of college, students have sought ways to avoid paying attention, and a gaming computer in class, might be the apex. Here a user prepares an Overwatch game--with a track-pad--while in class.

We wish you good luck.

The one that was stuck in traffic

For some users, playing Shadow in unconventional places has became a competition. A competition with world champions, like this Shadower, who decided to spend his time in traffic with a quick game of PUBG. Thumbs up, it’s working great!

The one that wanted to replace his GPS voice

Would you rather have a GPS voice barking orders like a drill sergeant, or the sounds of a Fortnite Game? This Shadow setup takes distracted driving, to a new level. We don’t recommend--at all, because you shouldn’t--Shadow while you’re driving. However, if you have a talkative co-pilot on a long road trip and you need your quiet, Shadow in your car might not be the worst thing.

The one that wants to travel light

A gaming PC capable of running the latest AAA games doesn’t have to weight 50 pounds, or run hot enough to scramble an egg. Here’s proof: Sonic the Hedgehog, holding a tablet, playing Forza. Can Sonic run faster than a Bugatti?

The one that want to boost his console

the GDP Win came out a few months ago, presented as a mobile console able to run a typical PC operating system, and the games that go with it.

The machine shows its limits running heavy games. Equipped with Shadow, the GPD Win becomes a handheld device capable of playing AAA titles on the go. The GPD Win reminds us of another device we can’t, quite remember: A game man? Something like that...

Wrapping up

If you also want to create your own Shadow setup, with crazy ideas and nice lights, everything starts here!

And to get your Starter Pack to create your Shadow Setup, click on the “content creator” button on top of our Community page!

Publish your Shadow setup on Facebook, or Twitter, with the #CRAZYSETUPS to be part of the contest.