High-End Configuration

The components of your Shadow deliver one of the best configurations for high-end gaming, in both performance and fluidity. It evolves free of charge when new tech becomes available. Don't ever worry about obsolescence or hardware failures ever again!


High-end Dedicated NVIDIA Graphics
GTX 1080 equivalent: up to 60Hz in 4K UHD and 144Hz in Full HD

Shadow's infrastructure relies on dedicated professional graphics card delivering the same performance as a GeForce GTX 1080.

New: GTX 1080
Previous: GTX 1070



12GB of RAM
DDR4 - 2400 MHz

For games that require a lot of memory: we're offering 12GB of server-quality RAM, running at 2400MHz.


256GB Dedicated Storage

Our secured storage technology ensures your data is safe while keeping your Shadow fast.

High Speed Internet

1 Gb/s Download
100 Mb/s upload

When you're using your Shadow, you get a built-in internet connection you can enjoy for games, streaming or surfing the web at very high speed. Everything you do goes through the fiber connection that is directly wired in our data centers.

Operating System

Windows 10
64 bits

Your Shadow subscription comes with a pre-installed full Windows 10 license. Just start it up!

A Complete System

Exclusive features for a constantly improving experience.

Snapshots & Restore

Backup all your data at any given time and restore your Shadow in a click.

Low Connections Mode

H.265 encoded video stream for optimal image quality, even on low connections.

Mobile Interface

With the Shadow Beyond app for smartphones and tablets, accessing your content and games is made even more simple.