About Us

Re-imagining our experience
with personal technology, through the cloud

At SHADOW, we strive to become the definitive cloud platform for gamers, creatives, and businesses, because we believe that cloud technologies have the potential to bring technological freedom to all. In today’s world, doing what you love shouldn’t mean worrying about components and buying expensive gear. Anyone should be able to access high-end tech, so we set ourselves to break those limits for good. This single idea, with innovation, challenge and free-thinking at heart, brought us together to shape the way we experience technology.

SHADOW’s original product was released in 2016 with the promise of allowing all individuals to enjoy the power of a high-end PC from the cloud. Now a global cloud computing company chaired by Octave Klaba, OVHcloud founder, SHADOW looks forward notably through new cloud solutions for both personal and business use.

With Shadow, everyone can access a full Windows PC, in the cloud, from anywhere and with the device of their choice. Thanks to the efforts of R&D teams, we continue to improve and expand our service, all this while maintaining the same affordable price, despite the recent evolution of energy costs and various component shortages. In 2022, SHADOW’s revamped subscription service featured a brand new Power offer, including better performance and infinite possibilities.

SHADOW’s vision and ambitions go beyond pure cloud-computing. Also introduced in 2022, Shadow Drive is a safe and affordable online-storage solution built in partnership with Nextcloud, the world leading open-source file-sharing platform. Shadow Drive is fully secured through traffic encryption and will ultimately be available in all markets Shadow operates in, through its servers based and operated in Europe.

SHADOW also offers its expertise to professionals and companies, with custom-built projects responding to their specific needs. In 2022, the company announced Shadow PC Pro and Shadow PC Enterprise, SHADOW’s cloud services dedicated to organizations and individuals seeking innovative and flexible cloud-based services to achieve their work.

How it all started,
from gaming to the cloud

Like many young entrepreneurs, our co-founders lived for their passions: for them, it was technology and gaming.

As PC gaming equipment grew more and more expensive, they took an interest in cloud technology and thought of a concept: streaming a high-end Windows PC on an underpowered laptop.

Cloud computing had already been around for years, but the challenge here was much bigger. With this exciting project in mind, they brought together a small community of passionate collaborators, knowing that they could offer a new take on what they loved most: the tech and gaming industries.

"We are very proud of SHADOW’s evolution and what we have to offer today. We have great ambitions and remain deeply convinced that cloud is the best way to democratize technology."

Stéphane Héliot, Co-Founder and Deputy CEO at SHADOW.

Our journey, through the cloud

Day one

After the creation of the company in 2015, Shadow officially launched in France in 2016, with a small team and a growing community that was key to the project’s development and early success.

From prototype to prototype

The release of the high-end cloud PC service couldn’t have happened without the community’s devoted support and enthusiasm... This is why Shadow’s DNA has always been closely tied to our passionate users and testers.

Scaling up

Over the years, Shadow launched in many countries and continued to evolve with its different communities. As we kept developing new features, we did our part in pushing cloud and remote access technologies further

Going above and beyond

Today, Shadow’s cloud-computing service gathers tens of thousands of users, with one of the most robust streaming technologies on the market.

Initially made for and by gamers, we want, with our new offers, to provide compelling alternatives for work and home environments. Now backed by solid strategic partnerships, including OVHcloud and its worldwide infrastructure, Shadow aims to widen its ambitions.

Our Core Business Platform, releasing in 2022, will open room for scalability and innovation, welcoming open-sourced API and paving the road for an even more secure environment. From cloud VR to an entirely new app ecosystem, our journey in the cloud is just beginning.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate & smart people to join our growing team.