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Finally, play DOTA 2 anywhere you want! With Shadow PC, you can lead your team and win over your opponents from any of your devices, including iOS and Android smartphones.

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Do not let any technical slowdown affect your competitiveness in DOTA 2. With the Shadow PC Power offer, play your favorite heroes with the best technical setup and never worry about performance issues, on any screen. Explore the endless possibilities of this competitive strategic masterpiece and show off your skills at any time, from anywhere, while staying connected to your playmates on Discord, all through the amazing flexibility of Shadow PC.

Shadow PC is the reference gaming PC in the cloud, giving you a complete Windows gaming experience. Install Steam, launch Dota 2 and dive straight into the arena. Much more than a gaming space, Shadow PC opens the doors to all your software such as Discord, OBS and Teamspeak to enrich your gaming experience. And the coolest part? Play directly from a browser tab, anywhere, without even needing to install the Shadow PC app.

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With more than a hundred heroes to choose from and millions of players everyday, DOTA 2 is a superstar of the competitive gaming scene. Playing with Shadow PC, you ensure yourself a seamless and consistent experience no matter the computer or mobile device you are using. Enjoy great frame rate with no lags at all times and perfectly synchronize your attacks and abilities with your teammates to wipe out your rivals.

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DOTA 2: a masterpiece of competitive gaming

DOTA 2 is a world-renowned, free-to-play MOBA and a competitive multiplayer game with a vibrant eSports scene, attracting millions of players each day. In the game, two teams of heroes battle on a battlefield, each aiming for victory by reaching and invading their opponents' base. They fight their way deeper into enemy territories, destroying defenses as they progress. Highly strategic, DOTA 2 requires not only a strong knowledge of the characters' abilities but also excellent communication and cooperation among teammates. The game is constantly updated by the developers to ensure an ever-evolving gameplay experience and maintain balance.


MOBA, Multiplayer, Strategy





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PC, Mac & Android & iOS (via Shadow PC)

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