Shadow Drive
Shadow Drive

Shadow Drive

Your cloud storage,
your files, your rules.

Shadow Drive is a secured and affordable online storage solution. Upload your data, access it on any device, and keep it completely private.

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Keep your data secure and private

Keep your data
secure and private

Import files from other providers

Import files from
other providers

Sync Shadow Drive on any of your devices

Sync Shadow Drive
on any of your devices

What happens in your cloud
stays in your cloud

Our European infrastructure is built with compliance in mind, and provide you with the best security for your files without exploiting them. In-transit and client-side end-to-end encryption technologies, brute-force protection, disk redundancy: we take care of everything.

Easy to use,
natural interface
Take control of your data with our intuitive and friendly to use interface that works on all OS.

Shadow Drive
follows you everywhere

Desktop and mobile clients will help you keep your files synced automatically.
You can also connect your third-party backup or NAS devices to better integrate into your ecosystem.

All your photos and videos
right here, right now
Shadow Drive mobile apps features auto-upload of photos and videos with custom file naming and folder sorting, wifi-only upload and HEIC support. Photos taken on your mobile are synced in realtime on all your other devices.
For real.
Shadow Drive is free up to 20GB, without advertising or any exploitation of your data for commercial purposes.
Shadow Drive Premium offers storage up to 2TB for $8.99/month.
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Make it your own

Shadow Drive is a secured and affordable online storage solution. Upload your data, access it on any device, and keep it completely private.

Shadow Drive

List iconSecured storage for all your files
List iconIn-transit and client-side end-to-end encryption
List iconBrute-force protection and disk redundancy
List iconReady-to-use

Keep your data secure and private, import files from other providers and sync on any of your devices

Choose the storage you need

20 GBFree
2 TB


European at its core

Shadow Drive is hosted in France and designed in partnership with Nextcloud, the world leader in open source storage platforms.
Learn more with this interview of the company’s CEO, Frank Karlitschek.

The perfect companion
for Shadow PC

Sync your local device and Shadow PC with Shadow Drive to enable the ultimate cloud experience

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, Shadow Drive can be synchronized with local clients on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android to always keep local and remote files in perfect synchronization.

To keep it simple, data is encrypted from your device to the final storage.

Shadow Drive uses full encryption via TLS (Transport Layer Security).

It is encrypted:

  • In transit:
    1. Between your device and the Shadow Drive infrastructure
    2. Amongst elements of infrastructure (between web servers, database servers, and storage infrastructure).
  • At rest:Shadow Drive Teams are currently working on encryption at rest to strengthen the overall security of our solution.In the meantime, if security is a big concern for your data, we suggest making client-side encryption before storing it on our Cloud Solution.You can for example have a look at the Boxcryptor solution (please note that we do not officially support this solution).
Shadow Drive is available in 11 countries as part of its Soft Launch process: France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Germany, Nederlands, Austria, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark. Shadow Drive will be available in Spain in the coming weeks, and later in North America.

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