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Still European, still secure, and now the cheapest storage app on the market: Shadow Drive offers 2TB for only 4.99€ per month

Shadow Drive Premium now comes for the new price of 4.99€ per month and provides the best way to store up to 2TB of files, photos, videos, and anything else you need. And it remains ad-free.

Less than a year ago, SHADOW launched its own storage solution, Shadow Drive: free up to 20 GB and available in a premium version including up to 2TB of storage. Well, good news: This Shadow Drive Premium version is now available at 4,99€/month and becomes the cheapest storage solution on the market!

Shadow Drive is also European-owned and based! It has been designed by the SHADOW teams in partnership with Nextcloud, the German-based and world leader in open-source storage platforms. It is built around three major features: Store, Share, and Sync. These will allow users to easily store, share, and synchronize their data while keeping access to them from anywhere.

Despite the reduced price, Shadow Drive remains committed to its core values of data privacy and protection. Shadow Drive is fully secured through traffic encryption and is available in Europe through servers based in France. Whether you are a paying or free user of Shadow Drive, the data you store will not be used for data mining or advertising purpose.

Shadow Drive's commitment to data sovereignty and security, combined with its competitive pricing and ample storage space, make it an excellent choice for individuals or businesses who are looking for cloud storage.

*Under identical conditions.

"We truly hope to make Shadow Drive the most efficient and accessible storage solution ever for even more people who value their privacy and security," said Éric Sèle, CEO of SHADOW.

Shadow Drive is available on iOS

Second news of the day: the Shadow Drive app for iOS is now available to everyone! It includes the usual features of uploading photos and videos, managing and synchronizing files, and even automatically downloading local photos from your Apple device.

Shadow Drive is accessible via its web interface and through Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and now iOS apps. Check our Downloads page for more details. As for all SHADOW services, it's a non-binding offer, and it's independent of any Shadow PC subscription.

Last February, we redesigned our web interface for a more exciting display. Besides this aesthetic update, we have been adding new photo management features. If you want to learn more about this update, check out our dedicated blog post.

Shadow Drive is a service that relies on user feedback to improve. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions for new features or modules with us through our dedicated channels on Twitter and Discord.

*Under identical conditions.