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Why do we have activation delays?

We've noticed a lot of questions, speculation and comments regarding activation. We will do our best to clear things up.

We decided from the very beginning of Shadow, that in order to deliver an outstanding performance for gamers, we needed to have our own cloud infrastructure. We do not rely on the usual cloud providers to deliver our service to you. If we did, your experience would be terrible, with poor gaming performance and lag. We knew this would be hard and something no one had done before, but it was necessary to give you the best.

Our own infrastructure also means we are constantly thinking about how many Shadows we need to provide six months from now. Without much history, as we are still a pretty young company, this is an inexact science. Additionally, there is more and more demand for Shadow. Delivery times keeps getting pushed back due to the increasing amount of long-lead components we have to order from vendors.

So as you read this, our teams are scrambling across the US and Europe, night and day, installing new hardware, getting our providers to accelerate our shipments, and trying to turn on as many Shadows as possible.

Thank you for joining us on this crazy adventure as we blaze a new trail together.

The Shadow Team