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Ray Tracing (RTX) with Shadow PC Power: a new visual dimension for gamers

Available on Shadow PC with the Power offer, Ray Tracing (RTX) brings new life to environments within your favorite games, making them incredibly realistic and immersive.

If you're involved in the gaming world, you've likely heard the three letters "RTX." But what exactly is Ray Tracing (RTX) technology? Unlike traditional graphic rendering methods, Ray Tracing simulates the real behavior of light in the virtual world. This allows for the reproduction of shadows and reflections with great accuracy. When you play a game with RTX technology enabled, each ray of light is individually traced from the light source, "bouncing" off objects and surfaces in the game, to finally reproduce on the screen. This creates particularly realistic graphic renders, reproducing the interactions of light with its environment.

Shadows and lights

With Ray Tracing, for example, you can observe shadows that form according to the position and intensity of light sources in the game. Reflections on smooth surfaces are also more realistic, reproducing objects and surrounding elements. RTX also improves transparency effects, light refraction, and diffusion. For instance, shop windows or water surfaces can be rendered more realistically, reflecting and distorting the surrounding elements.

With Shadow PC Power, you can access the latest games compatible with RTX technology. Titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Minecraft RTX, Hogwart’s Legacy or Fortnite immerse you in breathtakingly beautiful worlds. By combining ray tracing with DLSS technology, an AI-based technology that eases the GPU by rendering the game at a smaller resolution and available with Shadow PC Power, you can enjoy these latest visual enhancements without compromising performance. This combination allows you to fully benefit from these new graphical advancements while maintaining premium gaming performance.

What other uses?

But RTX is not limited to video games. On Shadow PC Pro or Enterprise, it can be used for educational purposes, offering users the opportunity to explore complex concepts interactively. For example, imagine being able to visualize the laws of physics using Ray Tracing. You could observe how light refracts and reflects, or study the effects of gravity on virtual objects. Additionally, Ray Tracing allows for immersion in scientific simulations. You could immerse yourself in experiments in chemistry, biology, or even astronomy, and interact with accurate virtual models. This revolutionary technology opens up new perspectives for immersive learning. And all this, accessible on any device thanks to Shadow PC!