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Easily create your documents, manage your photos,

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Your data is hosted on our proprietary OVH/Nextcloud infrastructure, securely managed in-house


No exploitation of your private data, all hosted in Europe, no ads, even on our free plan


Easily manage your photos, create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations


Share your files with loved ones or publicly, create collaborative work groups

For the whole family

Enjoy 20 GB free (for life!) to easily share your photos, videos, and any other important documents securely.

For the Pros

Shadow Drive for Pros is coming soon (Fall 2024)! You will be able to securely store all your sensitive data, with the assurance that it will not be accessed by anyone other than you or your collaborators.

Connect anywhere with any device

Download the Shadow Drive app on all platforms and access your files anytime, anywhere. Instant availability for all your devices!







Collabora launches in Beta on Shadow Drive

Collabora is available in BETA for all Shadow Drive users. Collabora is a complete office suite that allows you to read and modify your documents, spreadsheets, and other presentations directly from your Drive's web interface.