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Our Top 5 Games that Defined April

April was a vibrant month for gaming enthusiasts at Shadow. Between anticipated releases and surprising comebacks, some titles especially shone. Discover the five games that impressed us the most this month.

Manor Lords: Build and Lead in the Middle Ages

We were immediately captivated by Manor Lords, a new game that masterfully combines real-time strategy and medieval city management. The stunning realism, the attention to historical details, and the revolutionary combat system have delighted our community.

Content Warning: Become a Star on SpöökTube

iding the wave of success from Lethal Company on Twitch, Content Warning plunges us into terrifying challenges where the goal is to film scary content to become famous on SpöökTube. Its success is based on a clever mix of horror, resource management, and teamwork, where each session is a race against time to capture the most terrifying moments before running out of oxygen or battery.

Helldivers II: Co-op Through Hell

Against all odds, Helldivers II has exceeded our expectations and continues, many weeks after its release, to generate keen interest within our community and on social media. The game keeps us engaged with its cooperative action and well-thought-out gameplay strategy. Despite some initial reservations, the game has proven that perseverance and a commitment to the community can turn a good game into a resounding success.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: The Return of the Heroes

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is still being played heavily, particularly within our community. Its vast open world and the engaging battles captivate us just as much. The possibilities for customization and a finely-tuned narrative make this title a staple for all fans of action RPGs. If you haven’t played it yet, go give it a try!

Fallout 4: Survival and Discovery After the Apocalypse

Since the Fallout series became available on Prime Video, the games from Bethesda's franchise, especially Fallout 4, have experienced a resurgence in popularity. Whether it's newcomers inspired by the series or veterans returning to the Commonwealth, the game has regained a cherished place in our hearts. The detailed world and countless ways to play continue to fascinate us.