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How to play Counter-Strike 2 on Mac

The most popular game on Steam is not available for Apple devices. But with Shadow, you can play CS2* and all your PC games on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and more

CS2 on Mac or iPad via Shadow PC

Playing Counter-Strike 2 on Mac in 3 easy steps

While Steam has a Mac version, Valve's best FPS is not available on it. By using Shadow PC, you can perfectly play Counter-Strike 2 on your Macbook, your Mac Mini or any other device equipped with Intel or Apple Silicon CPU. Shadow PC is a powerful cloud-based PC that gives you access to a full Windows gaming machine. Just install Steam and CS2, and all your favorite games, from any platform. You can also use your favorite USB peripherals, and streaming software, such as OBS Studio, or Streamlabs.

Subscribe to access your gaming PC instantly

Subscribe to access your gaming PC instantly

Log in and install Steam and Counter-Strike 2

Log in and install Steam and Counter-Strike 2

Play without limits on all your devices

Play without limits on all your devices

Counter-Strike 2 on Mac via Shadow PC

Get the best gaming PC on your everyday Mac

Shadow PC is the smartest gaming rig, to bring all the PC games on your Mac. You don't just play Counter-Strike 2, you get the most competitive possible online experience. And you can use Shadow PC on all your other devices, such as a Windows Laptop, an iPhone, a tablet or your Android TV.

Ultra-fast server bandwidth for best in-game latency

High framerate and Retina Display graphics

Full gaming peripherals support

The best game compatibility on the cloud-gaming market

The most competitive FPS has returned

Counter-Strike 2 revamps the iconic CS Source, CSGO experience with enhanced graphics, realistic physics, and new tactical elements. It modernizes the classic gameplay, offering a fresh yet familiar thrill for both veterans and new players, who usually play Fortnite, Call of Duty or APEX Legends. Get ready for more dynamic and competitive matches, and play in the best possible conditions, thanks to Shadow PC.
  1. Genre: FPS
  2. Platform: Steam
  3. Publisher: Valve
  4. Available on: PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS (through Shadow PC)

Connect anywhere

You can enjoy the best streaming performance thanks to Shadow PC's apps, available on all platforms. and NOW enjoy Shadow PC from your browser!


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