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The music takes the stage on Shadow PC with Fortnite Festival

Experience the rhythm game from Epic Games on Shadow PC and enjoy optimized latency for a perfect musical immersion on all your devices.

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Minimal latency, maximum experience

Install the game on the Epic Game Launcher

Launch Shadow PC on any device

Launch Fortnite and play its Festival game mode!

The key to a successful rhythm game like Fortnite Festival lies in responsiveness. Shadow PC excels in offering very low latency, essential for games that require perfect synchronization. Tests show an average latency of 80 ms and often lower than 30 ms, an imperceptible latency for players. This performance makes Shadow PC the ideal platform for Fortnite Festival in cloud gaming.

Shadow PC is a powerful cloud-based PC that gives you access to a full Windows gaming machine. Simply install the Epic Game Launcher, the game, and launch the Festival game mode. And play. Since Shadow PC is a complete computer, you are not limited to games. You can also use Discord, OBS, Teamspeak, and any other program that will help you progress. Plus, with Shadow PC, you can play in a simple browser tab, anywhere, without installing any Shadow PC app.

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Your Festival, everywhere and anytime

Thanks to Shadow PC, Fortnite Festival becomes accessible on a wide variety of platforms, including iOS and iPadOS, offering a smooth and immersive gaming experience, even on mobile devices. This extended portability allows players to enjoy their favorite songs and participate in virtual concerts wherever they are, with consistent game quality.

Enjoy Fortnite Festival on any device

Optimal performance for rhythm gaming

Ultra-fast server bandwidth for better latency

Future compatibility with all your old gaming instruments

Fortnite Festival: the stage is yours

Developed by Harmonix, the creators of Guitar Hero now owned by Epic, Fortnite Festival, integrated as a full game mode in Fortnite, is a rhythm game where you form a band or play solo to perform various songs. The gameplay focuses on precision and timing in the style of Guitar Hero. Play in a group, choose different instruments and songs, and show off your talent on stage with artists like The Weeknd and Lady Gaga. Not to mention updates for new regular content.


Rhythm game


Epic Game Launcher


Epic Games

Available on:

PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Android & iOS (via Shadow PC)

Connect anywhere

You can enjoy the best streaming performance thanks to Shadow PC's apps, available on all platforms. and NOW enjoy Shadow PC from your browser!


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