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Party Animals is all about multiplayer fun and with Shadow PC, you can take it on the go and enjoy it from anywhere. Play from your Android or iOS smartphone and join the goofy party at any time you want!

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In Party Animals, pick an adorable stuffed creature and battle against seven other players in goofy games featuring weird physics that everybody has to struggle with. This addictive take on the party game genre is always a lot of fun, though certainly very chaotic. With Shadow PC, play Party Animals from any of your devices, including your iOS or Android smartphone, and join your friends in memorable, yet adorable, fights anywhere you are.

Shadow PC is the reference gaming PC in the cloud, giving you a complete Windows gaming experience. Install Steam, launch Party Animals and dive straight into the fight. Much more than a gaming space, Shadow PC opens the doors to all your software such as Discord, OBS and Teamspeak to enrich your gaming experience. And the coolest part? Play directly from a browser tab, anywhere, without even needing to install the Shadow application.

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Be the superstar of the party with Shadow PC! Join the brawls of Party Animals without slowdowns or lag in split-screen mode. You can join the cute and chaotic matches with your friends at any time from any of your screens. With its short yet intense rounds, Party Animals can be played for a short break at school or hours at home with some mates. Just log into Shadow, plug a controller, and let the fun begin!

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Party Animals: addictively cute and goofy

Party Animals is a hilarious multiplayer party game featuring mini-games. Play as an adorable animal across various modes and maps, where you battle other players to emerge victorious, all while navigating the game's weird and wobbly physics! Party Animals allows you to fight against other pet ragdolls in three modes: Arcade, Team Play, or Last One Standing. Each mode is played on different maps filled with comical traps and obstacles. You and your friends must brawl and try to survive these challenges. Each round lasts about three to four minutes, and eliminated players can still try to help or hinder the remaining contestants. The game is constantly updated with new animal plushies to play as, and, of course, new levels and challenges to keep the party always goofy and fresh!


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