How to play Rust on iOS and Android ?

Immerse yourself in the harsh world of Rust, even on smartphone. With Shadow PC, join your favorite server and play with your friends at any time, from any of your devices, always with great performance.

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In Rust, players fight for survival every second. The game is a unique mix of military simulators like ArmA, survival games like Dayz and crafting and exploration like Minecraft. With Shadow PC, immerse yourself like never in this survival experience with your friends from any of your devices through cloud gaming. Enjoy constant frame rate and no lag wherever you play from, always keeping all your mods and parameters set up.

Shadow PC is a powerful cloud-based PC offering you access to a full Windows gaming machine. Easily install Rust from the Steam platform, launch the game, and immerse yourself in survival. As Shadow is a complete PC, your gaming experience isn't confined to just Rust. You can also utilize Discord, OBS, Teamspeak, and any other software that enhances your gameplay. Moreover, with Shadow PC, you have the flexibility to play in a straightforward browser tab, from anywhere, without the need to install any Shadow PC application.

Back up your survival skills with the power of Shadow PC

Surviving in Rust is harsh but rewarding, and needs to be backed by hardware with strong performance. With Shadow PC, do not let any slowdown or frame rate drop put you and your friends in danger. Whether you have to defend yourself against wild animals or dangerous armed opponents, the consistent performance delivered by Shadow PC will help you handle the numerous deadly surprises that awaits you and your teammates on the island.

Consistent frame rate performance

Keep your parameters and mods anytime you play

Resolution up to 4K on all your existing hardware

Play with your team from any computer or even your smartphone

Rust : survive the wild and the others like never

Since its launch in 2013, Rust has become one of the most addictive survival games on the market. After countless content updates, this multiplayer experience continues the players with new deadly surprises and craft possibilities. Rust offers a huge variety of environments to survive in, dozens of types of enemies to fight and almost infinite crafting options. As you get more and more powerful and well-settled on your island, build a massive base with electricity and self-defense abilities, unlock advanced vehicles like cars, trains or even helicopters! But never forget : Rust is about survival, everything on this island (besides your teammates) is out to get you, with death lurking around every corner.


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