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VR Chat is an addictive online experience all about exploring user-created worlds and meeting the players inside of them. Join the party from anywhere, with or without VR headset, from any of your devices.

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Join the virtual worlds of VR Chat and immerse yourself in a unique online social experience full of surprises! Whether to join your friends for a chat, visit the realm of your favorite YouTuber, or explore dozens of crazy activities created by the community. With Shadow PC, have fun anytime with your avatar. You can even use the VR Chat SDK to create your worlds, supported by powerful hardware! Connect from any of your devices, even on your smartphone or Mac computer.

Shadow PC is an advanced cloud-powered PC offering full access to a Windows gaming machine. Just install your game either from Steam, start it up, and dive into the action. As Shadow functions as a complete PC, gaming isn't your only option. Utilize apps like Discord, OBS, Teamspeak, and more to enhance your experience. What's more, with Shadow PC, enjoy gaming directly in a browser tab, anywhere, without the need for installing any specific Shadow PC application.

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VR Chat is a vibrant online social platform where players can completely unleash their creativity. Users design their avatar from scratch, which can be human, of course, but also a robot, a cat, an anime character… Imagination is the limit! This also goes for all the worlds and activities the users interact with: card games, racing, platforms… Or even Battle Royale! With Shadow PC, join the VR Chat worlds easily with just one click, from all your devices. Enjoy a seamless experience and join the party anywhere you play from!

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VR Chat: the most exhilarating metaverse experience

Whether you own a VR headset or not, VR Chat is a uniquely amazing social experience with an incredible community. In VR Chat, you explore virtual user-created worlds and socialize with other players connected in those realms. The game is all about social interactions and creativity, with virtually unlimited creation possibilities for avatars or customized worlds. Join multiplayer games, relax and chat in cozy places with friends or discover the virtual space of your favorite VTuber. VR Chat has been created with a focus of the use of Virtual Reality headsets to be played with for total immersion, but can be played on a conventional screen with classical first person controls.


Simulation, MMO, Metaverse


Steam, Meta, Viveport


VRChat Inc.

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PC, Mac & Android & iOS (via Shadow PC)

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Oculus Quest

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