Shadow - FAQ


What is Shadow?

Shadow is the first full-featured cloud-based high-end computer. It is the only remote service that offers performances capable of competing with an upscale local PC. Extremely powerful, non-existent latency, exceptional display quality, Shadow offers the perfect and ultimate experience! With its automated hardware evolutions, you will never need to buy a computer again.

What is the typical Shadow configuration?

To this date (July 2018) we have the following:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or P5000

Intel XEON 8 dedicated threads


256 GB dedicated storage

Windows 10 Home

Internet connection

What type of internet connection is required to use Shadow?

There is no issue running Shadow with FTTH or very high-speed networks with coaxial cable (FTTB). If you are on an ADSL broadband, Shadow also works, but your experience may vary.

What are the minimum broadband speed requirements?

Broadband speed is one of the main elements needed to enjoy the full Shadow experience. It also requires a low ping, a stable connection and low packet loss. That is why we ask that our users use fiber or cable when using Shadow, and the reason why we can not guarantee our users a proper experience while using ADSL. To answer your question, Shadow uses a minimum bandwidth averaging from 5 to 15 Mbps, depending on the use. However, this does not mean that a speedtest above 15 Mbps guarantees a good use of Shadow (as detailed above).

Does Shadow work when my internet connection is turned off?

No, you will not be able to access your Shadow if you lose internet access. For a fiber connection, this problem is unlikely - fiber failure rate is extremely low (it does not exceed 2% for a connection older than 1 month). This may represent a barrier for some but in all honesty, when you do not have access to the internet, do you actually use your computer? Or you are the type of person that is going to do something else seeing as your odds of being able to log into your online game are gone? Or maybe you're going to spend all your energy in making sure your ISP is re-establishing your connection?

Can I connect to Shadow from another device? A laptop? A tablet by wifi?

Yes, from any interface that has an internet connection. In the case of a WLAN connection, it will require a good Wifi (standards Wifi N or AC). We are currently making the necessary arrangements to provide software clients for all platforms. At the moment there are Android, Windows, macOS and Linux clients available, with iOS in beta.


I am going abroad for several months. Can I expect to use my computer while traveling?

Of course you can! But you may see a decrease in performance, especially in terms of latency if your internet connection is bad or if you are very far  from our datacenters - for example if you are going to be in the U.S. or Asia.

Can I do a local backup of my data on Shadow?

Yes of course. And conversely upload your local data to Shadow. No problem.

Do you allow Torrents files to be uploaded to Shadow?

Shadow works like a normal computer, and just like your old PC, there is no system in place that prohibits downloading. That being said, we remind you that we condemn any illegal use of Shadow. None is above the law!

Can I share files / folders with friends on Shadow?

You bet you can. Sharing is caring.

Can I use Shadow with two screens?

You can not use dual screen on Shadow yet. But thanks to future updates, Shadow will be fully compatible with dual monitor configurations.

Operating system

Can I use Shadow with Linux instead of Windows as the operating system?

Shadow is sold with Windows. We are working on a way for users who want to uninstall Windows and work under Linux to be able to do so and will release this feature in the near future.

Can I use the Windows activation key from my current computer to use Shadow?

The conditions for reusing an activation key are set by Microsoft. Usually, you have an OEM license on your current PC that can not be reused, either on Shadow or on any other machine. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back as we provide each user with a Windows license for their Shadow desktop.

The Shadow Box

What is the point of the Shadow box? Why not offer a software-only service?

True, Shadow technically works with existing computers, and we could offer a purely software solution, where the user simply uses the machines he already has. This will remain possible because Shadow users can access their Shadow environments remotely from any machine connected to the Internet.


1) The Shadow Box allows optimal decoding, that is to say that the decoding is done at a processor level instead of having to go through software and operating system layers.

2) Having a Shadow Box allows you to directly start Shadow; with another computer there is the risk of a slower start and even possibly flawed due to various viruses or malware on the host.

3) We do not want to sell software. Our desire is to offer a complete package which can compete and replace even the most high-end configurations on the market.

4) The terminal allows for a "plug and play" experience, with no need for complex configurations to decide which USB devices are seen by the remote computer and which ones operate on the local computer.

Simply put, we offer a terminal that will have multiple advantages over existing computers such as:

- Less space requirement

- Quiet

- Does not heat up

- Consumes significantly less power

- Beautiful design

There is no screen? Or keyboard? or Mouse?

Shadow comes without a screen, keyboard or mouse. It is however compatible with all peripherals on the market like a normal PC. You are free to choose what is right for you or to re-use your existing equipment.

And for people who like to build their machine?

We are aware some people prefer to define their own configuration, in detail. Inevitably for an innovative project like Shadow we had to make a choice and we decided to start with a unique configuration. We are considering the possibility, in the near future, to offer to these users more flexibility and to let them define their very own Shadow.

Does Shadow have a CD, DVD or Blu-ray player?

No, but Shadow is perfectly compatible with a USB external drive / writer.


Do you guarantee that we will have a consistent performance?

On a technical level, we do not share the graphic cards between users. Simply put, when you launch a game on Shadow, you have access to an entire GTX card all to yourself. It’s yours, all yours. This is a very different solution than what is done today by other cloud gaming services. Shadow provides performance that no Nvidia Grid-based system can dream to achieve.

What happens if everyone connects at the same time?

Performance will not be affected by the number of users. We are equipped to cover 100% of users even in case of simultaneous connections. So go ahead and call all your friends up for a Shadow lan party!

Is my image quality less than a normal PC? Is my lag increased?

Not exactly. We have developed techniques that allow us to have very low bandwidth needs (less than 25 Mbit / sec) and latencies that are invisible to the naked eye (often less than one frame). We want to stand out from what is done elsewhere in cloud computing, which often offers insufficient graphics quality compared to real PCs. With our technology, we can have a perfect image quality with an imperceptible lag.

Is the download speed faster with Shadow?

At home, even with a good connection, fiber is at best at 1 Gbit per second but more often around 100 or 200 Mbit / s. The switches on our servers run on a symmetric fiber at 10 GB Gbit per second. This means that you can access up to 1 Gbit / s with your Shadow.

Do you support 4K?

Yes. Currently, there is no problem if you wish to stream 4K at 30 FPS. Our ambition is to upgrade to 60 FPS in 4K as soon as possible.


What is the motherboard in the Shadow Box? A raspberry Pi?

This is not a raspberry pi; It is a motherboard of the same size - but much more powerful in terms of encoding / decoding.

What servers do you use?

Our technology is special because we use high-end retail graphics cards and server-grade servers, which is a bit of the best of both worlds. We have both the quality of server-grade hardware, more efficient and more robust than the components of an individual PC and in addition the performance of "retail" graphics cards. While the servers usually do not have graphics cards, or GRID or FIREPRO cards that do not perform as good as GTX or Radeon individual PCs - especially because they are shared between several users concurrent.


What guarantees are there that you will not be hacked?

On Shadow you remain in control of security and antivirus exactly as with your Windows personal computer. Concerning the risk of porosity from one user to another, each Shadow user has his own environment, isolated from others by recognized components, with hardware elements dedicated to him. Moreover, your system works on servers located in France and not abroad which are managed by a team dedicated 24/24 and secured with the same technologies used by banks. Effective corporate class protections against cyber-attacks are implemented (firewalls against DDOS attacks and the likes). Our Tier 3+ data centers are certified ISO 27001 (Secured Hosting of IT Infrastructure). Your data is therefore much better protected than at home.

Are you watching what I'm doing on Shadow?

This is obviously out of the question. Only users have access to their computer and they alone know what they put in their computers. Beware however, we sell PCs, we are not a service with a moderator who will tell you that your holiday photos do not respect the group’s policy! On the other hand, our system treats data on the use of hardware components of servers by users, to monitor temperature, power consumption etc. in the data center.

Where are the data stored?

In a dedicated and secure Tier 3+ data centers in France. We are therefore subjected to French regulations on data protection.

Can I permanently delete all my stored data?

Yes, as on any conventional computer. Conversely, we are thinking about an optional service that will allow users to find the data present a little later - to avoid problem files being deleted a little too quickly that happens. But this will remain optional, since if someone wishes  to permanently erase something, we will make sure such data can not be recovered.


Do i buy the Shadow Box? Is it mine?

You can buy it for £109.95. Cheaper than the cheapest PC on the market.

At what intervals do you upgrade Shadow?

The terminal does not need to be upgraded. That's part of Shadow's strengths. This is one of the most powerful computers on the market and it will remain so. Why, you ask? because we will constantly update the equipment in our data centers so that users always have the latest technologies available, especially with regard to graphics cards. That said, if new standards develop in terms of connectivity, we will evolve the terminals.

What guarantees me that you will actually upgrade Shadow?

This is of interest for us too. If we do not update and upgrade Shadow, not only will we lose our current subscribers to competitors but we will not be able to convince new ones to join either! Imagine, if we came to offer you a service that only runs on GTX 970, a month after the release of the 1070, Shadow would remain a decent computer but nothing amazing ... Our ambition is to always stay at the front of our market.

Do I need to return my Shadow if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you need to return your Shadow Box at the end of your subscription. You can add a nice message with it !

Is Shadow also available in physical stores?

No physical retail store is planned at the moment. You can order the Shadow only via our website.

Can I cancel my subscription?

If commitment scares you, sure, no problem. The end of a monthly subscription will take effect at the end of the month.

Is there an offer to exchange Shadow for my current computer?

This is not planned at the moment.

Will you offer several subscriptions with different configurations?

At the moment, there is only one subscription available. However, on the long term you will be given the choice of choosing between several set-ups, for example by offering even greater performance (Replacing your GTX 1070 by a Nvidia GTX 1080) or a cheaper subscription for a machine with more limited uses. This will depend on the players' demands over time. Our tool offers technical possibilities that we have not yet finished exploring. We have some ideas; Some will be easy to develop, others more complicated. We rely heavily on the members of our community to contribute to this reflection.

Do you have partnerships with video game publishers? Will we have access to Beta keys as proud owners of Shadow?

This is planned and currently under discussion! But for now we’re focusing ​​offering our users the best PC, and this includes leaving you guys total freedom as to its content.


What guarantees do you offer in case of breakage or breakdown of my Shadow?

We will replace your Shadow at no extra cost in case of a default. In the case of breakages, the replacement costs are the responsibility of the user.


What happens with my Shadow account if I have a problem with my credit card?

You will have the opportunity to update your banking data and manage everything from your member space on the site

Will I have to pay extra for delivery?

No, for all users living in Metropolitan France, the fees are already included. Fee details for other countries will be available on our website as Shadow is made ready there.

Can I get a discount on my subscription?

Yes ! You get a free month if you sponsor someone to a subscribe to Shadow. If you manage to convince twelve friends, that’s a free year for you! Simply share the sponsorship code that you’ve received in the confirmation email for your Shadow order -whenever someone uses your code to sign up for an annual subscription, bam ! one free month for you ! So start spreading the Shadow love !

What happens to my data if I pause or cancel my subscription?

In the event of a cancellation of the user's subscription, the data recorded on his remote computer will remain accessible to him for download for a period of thirty (30) days following the effective date of the cancellation.


I have comments and suggestions, how do I get them to you?

Do not hesitate to share your comments and suggestions on our forum, we consult it regularly!

I made a mistake in my order! How can I change it?

Hit us up at [email protected]

I have payment problems. Who do I contact?

Reach us at [email protected]

We wish to be sponsored by Shadow. Is it possible?

Contact us at …. take a guess. (Hint: [email protected])

Are you recruiting?

We are always on the lookout for new talent! Send us an application at