A new kind of PC

Forget about hardware: Shadow is a full Windows computer you can access through a simple app. Enjoy your high-end remote computer on any platform you want.

  • Gaming performance
  • Multiple devices
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Hassle free

Ready for the latest games

Whether it’s for playing the most demanding titles or just an improvised Battle Royale, your Shadow brings you the performance you can expect from a high-end machine. Experience gaming at max settings with an optimal image quality and framerate. And the best part is... Shadow offers you an entire PC, not a restricted access to a library of titles. So you can install and play all your games, exactly the way you want.

Multiple screens, one experience

You can access your Shadow on any device. Transform your laptop or Mac into a high-end PC, run the latest games on your smartphone, or use your smart Android TV as a supercharged console. You can even seamlessly switch from one device to another! Download the Shadow apps for all platforms and experience the exact same performance anywhere you choose.

Shadow Icon

Your PC is evolving for free

And that's a major upgrade from regular computers. Your Shadow will always be ready when future games and software require more power. The components of your Shadow are replaced regularly with higher performance versions, to provide you with an experience that is constantly improving at no additional cost. No need to spend a fortune on your PC!

For all connections from 15 Mb/s

When you're using your Shadow, your personal internet connection is only used to stream image and sound. We recommend a Fiber connection for optimal performance, but Shadow has been optimized for connections starting from 15 Mb/s, over Ethernet, Wi-Fi and even 4G!

How does it work ?

Shadow doesn't require anything special to run, everything works through our simple and optimized apps. All it takes is 3 steps:

1. Download Shadow

And install the app on your device.

2. Connect

Sign in to your account and start your Shadow

3. Enjoy

Your brand new high-end PC!