• 170 employees
  • Available in seven countries
  • Seven data centers

Shaping the future of computers

Shadow was born in 2015 with an ambitious vision: create a computer free of hardware constraints. From desktops to smartphones, technology attempts to give users more and more power while making devices smaller, resulting in a limited lifespan. Facing this technological and ecological disaster, Shadow's solution was to transfer all the processing power to data centers, and take advantage of high-speed internet to end obsolescence. That's how Shadow was born. After raising more than €60 million from private investors in two years, Shadow was officially launched in France in November 2017. In 2018, development started in the USA and Europe. As of September 2018, Shadow had over 150 employees and two offices in Paris and Mountain View (California).

Driven by technology

Two intense years of research led to Shadow's success. From servers hosting high-end computer components, to homemade encoding software and decoding information, Shadow is the result of intense development, mixing a number of talents. Our team accepted the impossible challenge of providing a cloud-computing experience equal to or better than the one you get on a high-end local machine. But the work doesn't stop there. In 2019 and beyond, Shadow will see many improvements and innovations to perfect its features and overall experience.

Help us change the world

Shadow's dream team is composed of technology enthusiasts, highly skilled developers, business experts, marketing superstars and many others. Do you think you have what it takes to change the world and revolutionize technology? Then join us! Click on the "Jobs" section below.